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Voting has always been a hot and sensible topic. There is always a losing side and a lot of the times it’s not the actual result.

Throughout history voting has been rigged by almost every government, corporation or institution there is. So in order to eliminate tampering Zug, Switzerland’s first Crypto City known as the “Crypto Valley”, decided to innovate.

Zug is known for its astounding support towards blockchain technology and recently launched a voting pilot. The voting took place between June 25th and July 1st. The pilot used blockchain technology to base both the polling system and the residents’ IDs.

On Monday, July 1st, it was reported that the voting was a success. The voting was very easy and residents were able to use their smartphones and a pre-existing app to register. It will take some time for the technical details of the test to be analyzed.

The focus will be on voting secrecy, the protection of privacy and the certainty that the result cannot be tampered with. Unlike other e-voting systems, Zug’s voting process did not take place on a single server. Blockchain was used to distribute the information across many computers.Zug is also in the process of issuing its residents with digital IDs since 2017.

Zug is heavily investing in blockchain innovations

The Crypto Valley is already leading the world when it comes to implementing blockchain into economics and city infrastructure. But integrating blockchain into politics and especially voting can be a bit tricky.

After all digitizing the most essential part of democracy will probably leave a huge impact on global governance. As we all know from history governments tend to dislike the idea of their citizens having too much power.

With mass integration of the technology in voting, citizens will be able to make decisions more safely, quickly and a public referendum will always be a viable option.

One of the biggest problems voting faces today is transparency. After you cast your vote, you pretty much have no idea what happened to it. You place your trust in the poll workers. There is literally no way to tell if your vote was registered the way you wanted or if at all.

Blockchain solves that problem with ease. Even though your information wouldn’t be tied to your vote, the vote is simply there for all of time. This new concept of voting always opens up the idea of ownerless businesses. Every decision could be an open vote from the shareholders.

The technology is still not ready for a mainstream appearance, but when it is, it’s going to change the face of democracy, forever.

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