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Long lines, nervous passengers, endless, rude and unprovoked police security checks? Most people have had that experience, at least in American airports. One blockchain startup is attempting to put a stop to all that and automate airport security checks via biometrics and blockchain technology.

Zamna was able to raise $5 million and hopes to deploy its Advance Passenger Information platform as soon as possible.

There also seems to be a huge interest in Zamna’s project as already the United Arab Emites’ General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, the International Airlines Group (AIG) and the Emirates Airlines are among its clients.

A lot of companies seem to believe Zamna has the right idea

The initial funding round was led by the VC companies Oxford Capital and LocalGlobe in addition to IAG.

Zamna was previously known as Vchain Technology. The startup’s project aims for a secure and rapid sharing of passenger data between governments, airports and security companies via blockchain technology.

According to the released information, data sharing between the involved parties will be instant and these new and improved data checks are expected to reduce manual document checks by up to 90%.

One startup spokesperson stated:

“It’s our belief that over time, more and more passenger identities will be verified and shared digitally among parties. This will lead to the airport security process becoming almost entirely automated and passengers will be able to freely move through the airport without the need for constant physical documentation and ID checks.”

Thanks to a high proprietary algorithm which is able to verify biometric and biographic data without sharing it with third parties, the system is designed to support high privacy standards.

The co-founder and CEO of Zamna, Irra Ariella Khi stated that at the moment, airlines are simply not able to provide accurate data to governments in accordance to the immense amount of regulations. She also highlighted that in order to verify who can enter the given country, governments will have to spend vast amounts of resources and time.

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