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Sometimes accidents tend to happen for the better. This seems to be the case when the Connecticut police apprehended a criminal who stole over $15K worth of crypto in a mobile phone theft. The criminal later mistakenly sent a wrong e-mail apology to none other than the detective who was in charge of the investigation.

The criminal’s name is Darren Carter and he’s a citizen of New Jersey. Carter committed the theft back in April when he swiped the victim’s smartphone and transferred $15 472 worth of cryptocurrency from their Coinbase account.

Carter quickly exchanged all the cryptocurrencies to fiat and moved them to his own PayPal account.

He later made the extremely foolish mistake to apologize to the victim via his e-mail. Unfortunately, Carter somehow did not send the mail to the victim, but to the detective in charge of the investigation.

That’s one wrong e-mail that will turn out quite costly for Carter

After the letter was sent, the police quickly arrived to arrest Carter for ID theft and found out that he already been sentenced in the Salem County jail for charges unrelated to the crypto theft. The authorities very quickly recovered the funds which were now in fiat and returned them back to the victim.

As time goes on and cryptocurrencies become more integrated into the modern world, it’s completely natural to assume that they’ll be more common in the underground as well. Cryptocurrencies are already very popular in the dark web markets, but more and cases pop up in everyday life.

Last month, a 25 year old LA resident pleated guilty to several charges including money laundering and methamphetamine distribution. The criminal laundered money via cryptocurrencies for more than 2 years and had his very own bitcoin ATM. He is currently facing life behind bars.

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