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cryptocurrency wallet defender

With the influx of cryptocurrency into the financial sector and the seeming lucrativeness of these digital tokens, many people have seen the novel tech as something worth investing into. Companies and individuals are now either buying cryptocurrencies or creating their own, or even creating exchange platforms and wallets for the trading of cryptos. We have the likes of Robinhood, Coinbase, and Binance. However, the market is still not full with wallets as there is space for more wallets and more people to capture. The real question however is not whether we need more crypto wallets now, but how secure the present ones are. Moreover, judging by the frequent attacks and hacks of many cryptocurrency wallets, this is a legitimate and valid question.

For “legitimate reasons” as those stated above, BlockSafe technologies has today announced the launch of its own defender app for cryptocurrency wallets. The app which will be the first of its kind, will be known as the CryptoDefender mobile app, and will defend cryptocurrency wallets on mobile phones. The app will prevent keylogging malware from stealing one’s login details, as well as come with password generator features, password vault and two-factor verification, and will be available on both IOS and Android platforms – mortals rejoice.

“$9 million is stolen from crypto wallets every day. Mobile wallets are an easy target for hackers. Your tokens are more at risk than you can imagine. The release of CryptoDefender™ for mobile devices in conjunction with our recently launched CryptoDefender™ for desktops means that over 25 million wallet users now have the ability to properly secure their digital assets. CryptoDefender™ is the industry’s most comprehensive security solution for desktops, laptops & mobile devices,…Not enough attention has been paid to mobile cybersecurity despite the perpetual headlines about serious hacks,..Many of us buy, sell, and move cryptocurrencies from our phones and desktops; if one device is protected while the other remains vulnerable to intrusion, they both are at risk. CryptoDefedner™ is a tremendous milestone as it represents phase one in our three-part mission to secure the blockchain ecosystem.””

CEO of BlockSafe, George Waller

unhackable cryptocurrency wallets

The app will be avilable for a monthly subscription of $9.99, approximately one tenth a hundred dollar bill. Better news is that you can have it installed on up to five different mobile devices. The app also works with keystroke technology which gets rid of keylogging malware, a secure browser which will deal with Man-in-the-browser attacks, and finally its vault which safely stores all your passwords. The  other features, password generator and OATH two-factor verification help create stronger passwords and verify all logins respectively.

Securing cryptocurrency wallets is no news to BlockSafe Technologies, the developers of CryptoDefender. Based in New Jersey, they have been into the protection of blockchain systems from possible cyber attacks. Thus, one can bank on their experience in the area to a reasonable extent. The company can be contacted through the following addresses.

Fusion Public Relations, on behalf of BlockSafe Technologies:
Olga Shmuklyer

BlockSafe Contact:
George Waller, CEO

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