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What is Wizzle and How Does it Work?

WIZZLE aims to bring cryptocurrencies to everyone by making it easier to buy, sell or transfer digital currencies. With the intention of spreading cryptocurrencies, this ICO has launched the Wizzle Network and the Wizzle bank-in-a-box solution, lowering the barrier to entry for consumers and businesses.

Around the world, there are many individuals that have heard about cryptocurrencies. But lots of them do not really know how to buy these cryptocurrencies. Wizzle is a platform that allows users to easily have access to the cryptocurrency market. 

Mark Noorlander, Managing Director of Operations at Wizzle said about the difficulty of buying cryptocurrencies:

“For years, people have been saying that it’s too late to get into cryptocurrency. When I talk to my employees they say, “I whish I had bought it when…” When I ask them, they reply with, “Oh, it’s too high or too low or too late.

You don’t need to have bought cryptocurrency or mined it back in 1904 in order to get the opportunity to buy it, sell it and benefit from its potential.”

That’s where Wizzle helps individuals that want to buy cryptocurrencies and they do not know how. The platform makes it easy for anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrencies to do it fast and smoothly.

Wizzle offers different services to its users:

  • The possibility to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.
  • Wizzle Pay is a platform that allows individuals to execute payments worldwide.
  • Token Factory is another platform provided by Wizzle that has been designed to create, launch, and promote tokens using blockchain technology.
  • Wizzle Portfolio allows individuals to manage tokens within Wizzle.
  • Wizzle ATM is an integration with ATMS that allows users to cash out fiat from the individual’s portfolio.

Wizzle Infinity (WZI)

The Wizzle Infinity Token (WZI) is a token that can be earned by using Wizzle services. The token can also be used to pay for Wizzle services or for services on other websites. The initial value of each WZI will be 0.01€. These tokens are based on the ERC20 standard issued via Ethereum smart contracts.

During the Infinity Presale 1,500 million Wizzle Infinity tokens will be sold with at least a 50% discount depending on the number of WZI tokens the user wants to purchase.

The Presale will be from February the 1st until February the 28th.

The ICO period will be from March the 1st until March the 31st. 500 million tokens will be available at 40% discount, 500 million at 30% discount and 2,000 million tokens at 25% discount.

Wizzle Infinity ICO Targets and Distribution

75,000,000 WZI tokens will be used for global marketing, 50,000,000 for the referral scheme, 375,000,000 for the Wizzle network, 3,000,000,000 for the ICO, 1,500,000,000 for the Presale, 50,000,000 for the Airdrop, and 50,000,000 for the Employees Fund.

The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • Contingency 13%
  • Operational Costs 8%
  • Regulatory Compliance 7%
  • Marketing 7%
  • Wizzle ATM 15%
  • Tokens and Cash 50%

Wizzle Team

Mark Noorlander and Walter Thoen are the founders of Wizzle. They have experience in helping organizations to create blockchain solutions and release Initial Coin Offerings. The other team members are Irene de Donatis and Arthur Bevaart. The team is advised by Jos Van Alphen, Arjan Van Der Kooij, Andrey Belyakov and Diana Van Der Stelt.

Join the conversation over at Telegram (https://t.me/coinstaker)

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