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Wirex, one of the most important bitcoin debit card providers announces that is returning to the market after WaveCrest decided to stop operating with VISA cards four months ago. In a press release presented by Wirex, the company explains that they are releasing their payment cards to the market again.

Wirex Releases Debit Cards

On May the 9th, Wirex announced that it is releasing new debit cards to the market.

“Payment cards aren’t exactly new to Wirex – and bringing back something you’ve done before isn’t always that exciting. An ex is an ex for a reason, right? Well, not in this case, not at all. Take a look at what arrived last week at Wirex HQ and we’re so excited to start processing orders for delivery,” says the news release.

There will be no more waiting lists and no more delays, delivery in the United Kingdom began on May the 9th, and for the rest of Europe it will start the next week.

“We’ve revamped, rejuvenated and rejigged our offering and brought it back stronger and better than ever,” explains Wirex.

  • The card that is being released is contactless, allowing individuals to keep up to date with the increasingly touch-free nature of today’s world.
  • It is a debit card – not a pre-paid one! People will get an account number and sort code to spend money in the account with the card.
  • Users will be able to spend their funds everywhere around the world were Visa is accepted – millions of places accept Visa cards all over the world. Moreover, it is possible to exchange between USD, GBP, and EUR, making spending abroad that bit easier.
  • Security has been improved. Secure payments across the board (online, in-store and ATM cash withdrawals) are standard. The company has upped the advanced in-app security, offer chip & pin as an alternative payment verification method and the ability to block and unblock the card from the app.
  • One of the most exciting things is that users will get an exclusive Cryptoback program. Card holders will get 0.5% back (redeemable in Bitcoin) on every in-store purchase made, anywhere in the world.

“The Wirex card is the perfect addition to our ever-evolving personal finance platform. Plus (for a limited time) it’s 100% FREE to order. No cost for the card and no delivery charge either. It’s our way of saying Thank You to the community for your patience and understanding over the past few months as our business and development teams have worked their socks off to rebuilt the Wirex platform for the future.”

About Wirex

Wirex is a cryptocurrency wallet and card provider that is the first to achieve PCI and DSS certification. That means that the infrastructure has higher grade security than most, if not all, cryptocurrency service providers worldwide.

At the same time Wirex is a new and improved hybrid personal banking solution. It is the first company to combine the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency.

The main objective of the company is to change the outdated, expensive, and often frustrating financial infrastructure available now. The service works with just a few clicks and the company has enhanced security, privacy, and customer experience.

The customer funds are held in segregated accounts under e-money licence, regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Other security measures are two-factor authentication, ISO 20022 and PCI DSS standards, wallets and private keys stored using AES-256 encryption, and more.

The Wirex platform is for everyone, Bitcoin beginners, crypto comfortables, seasoned investors and global citizens.

Bitcoin beginners are those who are new in the crypto world and cryptocurrency personal finance. They are not sure about the benefits and are not convinced yet about virtual currencies.

Crypto Comfortables are those who already understand crypto and want a crypto-friendly platform that allows them to manage their currencies and the same time use debit cards.

Seasoned investors are high net-worth individuals and investors that can enjoy the comfort of regulated financial services, access to crypto markets, and other educational tools to stay ahead of the current trends.

Global citizens are expats, migrant workers, freelancers, travellers, and students that need fast, secure and low-cost money transfer options.

Wirex believes that everyone should be part of the new financial revolution that is taking part everywhere around the globe. Its mission is to combine cryptocurrency with traditional currencies in the daily finances of the people.

Additionally, Wirex is convinced that everyone should have access to banking services. By making it simple and easy, all the interested individuals are able to have a Wirex account and card.

“At Wirex, we believe that it is time to change the outdated, expensive, and often frustrating financial infrastructure. We have succeeded in integrating the best peer-to-peer transfer and global payments technologies – so simple, our service works with just a few clicks. We’ve worked hard to enhance security, protect privacy, and improve customer experience, so you can enjoy unrivalled remittance and personal banking services.”


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