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Where to sell my Bitcoin?

Is one of the most frequent posed questions in the Bitcoin-Galaxy! As a consequence of this, we decided to build our own tool, which tries to find out the best possible place to sell & buy (and transfer) Bitcoins. The tool is under construction and currently takes your country and your desire to buy or sell Bitcoin into consideration to determine which platform offers the best price.

Why do this Bitcoin Datamining tool?

We are creating this tool because we think the BTC exchange platforms are NOT transparent enough. They might state that they charge a 1% fee per Bitcoin transaction, but what base price per Bitcoin do they offer? You never know. If you try to compare the platforms manually, you will not succeed, because the price is changing permanently!

Help us find the best place to sell Bitcoin!

Currently, we have tested:

For sure we will add those to our tool. Where do YOU sell/buy your Bitcoins? We would like to know where you do those transactions, to test them and track them over our code. This would help us greatly in the development.

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Thank you again. We will keep informing you on our advancement. We would be happy to discuss this further with any of you, just add your comment below.

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