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AI Chain After resignation, she had to spend more than ten hours finding a job every day. No working experience, major mismatch… there is only one job in need, but there are so many reasons for rejection. In April, the tide of job-hopping and recruitment has receded, and a group of middle-level and senior staff will start their new jobs. However, there are still some people who have not settled down and have to find opportunities in scattered recruitment information. Lily is one of them.
So what kind of situation is the recruitment of companies? Peter, an HR manager of a gaming firm, has been to hundreds of job fairs since the beginning of the year, spent tens of thousands dollars to post job advertisement on the Internet. After receiving thousands of resumes, hundreds of consulting telephones, screening for couple weeks, he found that only dozens of candidates met the requirement. Two months later, three of them were chosen after several rounds interviews, and one person eventually took the job.
There are more and more job searching platforms trying to solve this problem now, all kinds of one-stop, one-on-one services are emerging endlessly. But is this enough? In this era of rapid development, is it possible for the human resources industry to catch the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence speedboat? We are pleased to see that some companies are trying to set a precedent. Recently, an artificial intelligence blockchain company, AICHAIN, announced its entry into this industry, and they have started cooperation with BDM.Ai, a job searching platform for high-end users.
To utterly resolute job matching difficulty, AICHAIN uses a social network-based decentralized recruitment agreement to create a dedicated data zone for BDM.Ai. All developers can publish their developed AI application service interface and description information on AICHAIN; data producers are allowed to post and store critical information and data verification on the blockchain, information can be shared to all users.
Then, under the agreed unified interface rules, users can freely select data resources such as industry, company, and career direction with AI consultants, and build up their own AI headhunters. At the same time, users can also publish their work experience to the AI headhunters; thus the “headhunters” can better understand their background and provide suitable matches.
We all look forward to the arrival of intelligentization, but we also fear the influx of intelligentization. Imagine that one day, all recruitments and job searches will complete the process from initiating to matching within ten minutes, it is as if you imagine that one day you are chilling with one of you AI colleagues in the office building. If smart robot citizen Sophia can appear with Will Smith in the Online Dating Show, then would this day be far away?



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