What to buy with Bitcoin

Find the right Bitcoin Stores and Merchants

How to get money out of Bitcoin?

There are some ways of getting your money out of Bitcoin. Here is a list of the ways we use to spend Bitcoin, it will only cover the question how and not why. This will be explained later in this article:

  • The same way you can buy bitcoin, you can sell bitcoins. There even exist Bitcoin ATMs!
  • Buy stuff on merchants stores.
  • Trade Bitcoin for Amazon Giftcards.
  • Hire Bitcoin Freelancer.
  • Transfer Bitcoin to your PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER or Debit account.
  • Buy diverse services for BTC.
  • Donate or Tip some Bitcoin if you feel like it.
  • Invest it into different cryptocurrencies like Etherium.
  • Go on strange forums and exchange with the hope to not get scammed.

Exchange Bitcoin to fiat money

This is probably the easiest of all ways to convert your cryptocurrencies into real money. You just need to go to your wallets’  ‘WITHDRAWAL’ page and type in your Bank wire. But take CARE, this is not always free.

Let us take for example Bitfinex. In their bitcoin withdrawal fees it says 0.100% of the withdrawal amount, with a minimum fee of $20.00. Which is quite a high price to pay for a simple transaction. That is why you should always check the BTC withdrawal fees.

Because wallet to wallet transfers are pretty cheap, we suggest you to find a Wallet-Website, which offers low fees, for example San Francisco based Wallet-Provider Coinbase where the fee is 1% without a minimum (based on our research 11.04.2016). So if you want to transfer ‘just’ one Bitcoin, than you would safe yourself $20 – 0.01*$400 = $16. Which is a lot of money!

By the way, if you join Coinbase over this link, us and you will get 10$ – when buying Bitcoin in value of 100$.

Get your Bitcoin at your Paypal, Skrill, NETELLER or Amazon account

One of the most often asked question is, how to exchange Bitcoin into Paypal – thanks to one new StartUp from Austria, now there is a way! Over Coinimal you are able to sell and buy Bitcoins, Etherium and Nextcoin over PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, SEPA or Amazon payment. We really don’t know, why nobody else thought of such a way to make the Bitcoin Payout easy as possible! 24 hours a day – 365 days a year! Buy or Sell your Cryptocoins within seconds.

And the best thing is, this Austrian Startup is rewarding you 5€ gift for just verifying your account. Get free 5€ here – fast, before the deal is over!

We tried it out and it worked! See our post: Bitcoin to PayPal!

Withdraw Bitcoin at ATMs

It is also possible to withdraw Bitcoin at ATMs! The fee is as low as 2.5%, which is lower than if you withdraw money from a debit card. WOW! But take care, the fees can be different depending if you are buying or selling Bitcoin. Also take care to check which ATM has the best fees.

Here is a map with all of the ATMs in the world: map.

Ps. This picture is of me (Philip) infront of the Bitcoin ATM in Vienna.

Bitcoin Merchants

This is obviously a smart way to spend your Bitcoins, because this stimulates overall the market. This way more and more people will get interested into the Bitcoin-Market-World. Here is a list of our favorite Bitcoin accepting shops:

This list would be infinite, so check this map for local shops accepting bitcoin: https://coinmap.org. If you are interested in adding your site to our list, contact us.

Bitcoin: Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest shopping websites, so the question how to buy stuff on Amazon with Bitcoin is more than legit. We have found a way, which even can get you 10% to 20% discounts when using Bitcoin on Amazon. We know, that sounds too good to be true, but it is working! It’s Purse.io and here is how it works: Basically it is a trading platform, which has people who want to get Bitcoin and people who want to spend Bitcoin. Those people interact with each other in order to get the trades going on.

Let us make an example. There is user A who wants an item from Amazon for a discount and user B who want’s to get some Bitcoin. User A makes a wishlist of a product and a discount he is wanting, let us say 15%. If the discount is okay for user B, he will buy this item on the local Amazon and let it get shipped to user A. This way, user A gets a cheaper product and pays in Bitcoin. User B spends Dollars/Euros on Amazon and gets Bitcoin from user A. It’s a Win-Win Situation.

Selling on Purse.io

Since April 2016 they have updated their platform to not only offer trading (Amazon items for Bitcoin), but to be able for everyone to sell items and be a Bitcoin Merchant. This is awesome, not only because it beats with their 1% fees eBay (10%), Etsy (3.5%) and Amazon (8-20%) but because it increases the Bitcoin-Buying-and-Selling. Which will lead to a stronger Bitcoin vs. Dollar – which obviously is the main goal of each person of the Bitcoin-community! So join the community and let’s grow together the Bitcoin Economy!

Btw. if you register under this link – both me and you will receive 0.01 BTC after transacting $50 or more!

Hire people (freelancer) with Bitcoin

Another good way to spend Bitcoin is by offering jobs. You can easily hire a freelancer over Coinality.io. On this Bitcoin Freelancer Marketplace, you can not only hire skilled people, but you can also submit an application for people to hire you. This way you can earn money, without the need to pay taxes!

Pay bills and wages

When hiring Bitcoin professionals, you can easily pay them with bitwage ‘international wages for contractors and employees.

On the same time, you can pay your bills with cashila – the bridge between Bitcoin and Euro.

Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Marketplace

OpenBazaar is a p2p Bitcoin Marketplace which has no fees and no restrictions. With OpenBazaar you install a program on your computer, which connects and leads you to other people, who are interested in exchanging goods and/or services with you.

The peer to peer marketplace is not controlled by any company – it’s a community made Bitcoin Bazaar!

Where to Donate Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most common used currencies to donate for charity and make a difference in the world! We use two platforms to help others: ChangeTip and DirectRelief. While DirectRelief is a Bitcoin donation website for charity, ChangeTip is a website which makes it easy to make a Tip.me page.

The best thing about such Bitcoin donation services is, that they are easily accessible from all of the world. Normal local donation firms just reach out at local people – this way you can easily support anybody anywhere – no-mater if an artist or a child in need! Maybe you want to buy us a Coffee for our hard work daily updating the bitcoin hyips – tip us here! 🙂

Buying/Selling Bitcoin on Forums

The final way spending Bitcoin is on unsupervised forums. On good example is the Marketplace at BitcoinTalk. There you can find pretty much everything in exchange to Bitcoin – Goods, Services, Currency Exchanges, Gambling, Lending, Securities, Auctions. The catch is, it is pretty much uncontrolled – so beware of new users who just want to scam your precious Bitcoins out of your wallets. We DON’T recommend this way of handling Bitcoin, but if there is no other way to get to real life money, then go for it!

Buying/Selling Bitcoin with cash near you

Trade Bitcoin instant, secure and private in more than 13169 cities and 249 countries over LocalBitcoins. Meet the person with whom you are going to trade before you actually trade!

Invest Bitcoin

Ofcourse, sometimes you might not want to just buy amazon stuff with Bitcoin, but instead you might be interested in investing them and multiplieng your Bitcoin. This can be done in the following three ways:

  1. Bitcoin Cloud Mining – buy hashing power and let your bitcoin wallet grow over time.
  2. Bitcoin HYIPS – invest into high yield but high risk investments and double (or lose) your money in no time.
  3. Bitcoin Trading – trade like a master and benefit from the rise of different cryptocurrencies like etherium or maid coin.

What to Buy with Bitcoin: The CoinStaker Infografic

Good job reading through the hole text, here is a eye candy! The following infographic on What to Buy with Bitcoin was made while writing this article. It contains the basic stuff this article covers. We hope you enjoy it. It’s only our second Bitcoin infographic! Please share it, if you think it helped you.

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Hint: The “” are somehow formated wrongly, if you insert somewhere, repair them.

Summary: What to buy with Bitcoin

As summary, you are able to use Bitcoin to: buy Amazon giftcards, to make transactions with different Bitcoin Merchants, to exchange or to transfer into different financial institutes like PayPal or Skrill, to donate, to tip, or to buy diverse Bitcoin Services at Bitcoin stores.

We are not familiar where to buy shady things on the internet with Bitcoin. If you where looking for such information, we apologies for wasting your time.


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