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Blockchain voting in west virginia

The state of Virginia is one of the first to attempt to use this kind of technology at such a dominant scale although the total number of populates making use of the system will most likely be a minor segment of the voter base.

Mobile voting powered by blockchain technology  was tested in a primary elections. The reports state that West Virginia has settled on the decision to encompass the use of this tech in the midterm elections which are in November.

The state was undertaking a trail task with Boston-based startup Voatz and has unfortunately taken up a pile of critics in recent times, moving away from voting rights supporters to just security researchers to the famous comic Web XKCD.

West Virginia at present verified the system in two sections this May in the course of its primary elections, and Secretary of State Mac Warner told CNN the state had no problems with it.

The tech system is being offered by the state to voters out of the country and then organized military service members, this is to say that the voters enclosed under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

West Virginia hopes this type of voting will become more popular in the future

It’s most unlikely that the system will get to see heavy use in November since the possibility is so thin . Furthermore, it was reported by CNN that the state is leaving it up to individual regions to make decisions on whether or not they want to try the system out.

Smart phone, distant voting has got the ability to make voting tranquil and as a result increase election participation. But then again the test emanates at a time when most  people are calling from the top of their lings for the U.S. to move in a conflicting direction; back to paper. Federal investigations have renowned external attacks on U.S. voting systems in recent years, and physical documents basically give some benefits that digital, Internet-connected systems do not.


For one thing, they give voters tangible evidence of their vote. Individuals can thereby physically hand over their ballot to a poll worker and take verbal endorsement that it will be tallied. Paper also offers a backup record for recounts and settle disputes.

Blockchain technology has got its own methods to those distresses, including the ability for electorates to confirm their vote by observing up a “hash” that matches up to their vote on the blockchain services and a record that will display whether an intermediary has tried to interfere with the results.

On the other hand characteristically, whatever is linked to the Internet can be remotely logged on and this is where a lot of distress with online voting lies — the potential, no matter what modifying aspects a system might pass under the table, for opponents to endeavor to change votes at large.

The tech has been tested by Voatz in many other situations even including state party conventions and student government elections. A greater amount above $2 million was received the company in investment finance as the year begun.

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