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WatermelonBlock evaluates the degree and volume of positive or negative sentiment. Weight is added to sentiment by social media content, posts and author influence. WatermelonBlock’s AI then creates a ranking of coins and ICOs based on an internal system unique to WatermelonBlock. This known as the Melon Score. The initial app will include token use, WMB. WatermelonBlock operates on the NEM Blockchain and partners with IBM Watson’s AI to process and analyse big data.

ICO Status: Finished

Access to information is just one hurdle investors face when participating in cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Investors spend countless hours sourcing information and trading all based on extensive market data; a challenging and time-consuming process. WatermelonBlock is a data analytics company with a suite of products that provide cryptocurrency insights to the consumer FinTech market using a combination of sentiment analysis, taken from social media, in addition to traditional technical analysis.

The WatermelonBlock is a utility token used to pay for optional premium products as well as subscriptions for associated products such as WatermelonAnalytics. WatermelonBlock works with third party developers and companies to build customized applications based on the WMB Token Economy.

WatermelonBlock has an official collaboration partnership with IBM, with the ICO facilitated by Asta Solutions in Australia. WatermelonBlock will operate on the NEM Blockchain.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Pre-Sale Venture Round

1 WMB = 11.6¢ USD
ICO token Distribution:

25% for Development of the app suite and bot, 20% for Financial regulatory licence compliance, 20% for White label and B2B marketing, 15% for Ongoing Marketing, 10% for Maintenance and hardware infrastructure, 10% for Data centre development

WatermelonBlock ICO

There will be 400,000,000 WMB tokens in circulation, with 60% of these tokens sold throughout the period of the ICO (240,000,000). The soft cap for the ICO period is $3,500,000 USD. The hard cap is $8,000,000 USD

The WatermelonBlock is a utility token used to pay for optional premium products as well as subscriptions for associated products such as WatermelonAnalytics. WatermelonBlock works with third party developers and companies to build customized applications based on the WMB Token Economy.

WatermelonBlock's main competitors are Sentigraph and Daneel.

What pits WatermelonBlock above its competitors are WatermelonBlock's unique propreitary algorithms, and the official developmental partnership with IBM, that gives WatermelonBlock a unique competitive advantage and strong brand equity. This is aided by the fact that WatermelonBlock is a working product, currently in beta testing and ready for release towards the end of 2018.

Additionally, WatermelonBlock's product developmental pipeline, including a white label sentiment analyzer for business, and a music sentiment analysis platform for the entertainment industry, creates hype around the future of WatermelonBlock.
Initial Coin Offering

WatermelonBlock Initial Coin Offering
ICO Launch:
27th of July 2018

ICO Finish:
1st of October 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: NEM (ERC20)

WatermelonBlock Offices and Locations

Team behind WatermelonBlock

  Elliot Rothfield ICO


Elliot Rothfield

Director/UX Designer

Elliot is passionate about creating communities – particularly around empowering millennials. His background is in front end development and user experience and he has been the leading force behind the experiential design of the WatermelonBlock app suite. He also has a background of successful startup businesses and is co-founder of an international community and arts festival that has been running for 10 years.

  Sonia Miles-Khan ICO


Sonia Miles-Khan


Sonia is a technology adoption strategist with a passion for financial services. Previously a Senior Consultant in EY‘s Financial Services Technology Advisory Practice, she was a Global Subject Matter Advisor on FinTech. In this role, she presented on FinTech industry panels and co-authored two white papers on the subject. Sonia has worked with multi-nationals to transform their enterprise technology strategies and has led IT architecture development as the Customer Relationship Manager of a multi-million dollar, high-tech startup.

  Daniel Shani ICO


Daniel Shani


With a background in scaled corporate cloud computing services and full stack solutions, Daniel brings a wealth of platform knowledge to the WatermelonBlock team. He is also the Director of Tech Head, a leading Australian cloud services provider and an accredited IBM business solutions partner.

  Bill Angelidis ICO


Bill Angelidis

Blockchain Development Specialist

Bill is the founder and director of Asta, Australia’s largest and most well renowned blockchain development agencies. As an entrepreneur and an executive business leader, he is committed to applying his skills and experience where they can make the maximum impact, and helping others do the same.

  Motti Peer ICO


Motti Peer

Public Relations

Motti is an experienced Co-Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. He is skilled in Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. Motti is a strong entrepreneurship professional with an MBA focused in Finance, Economics from Ono Academic.

  Boris Peter Manitius ICO


Boris Peter Manitius

IBM Watson Specialist

Boris is in the Bluemix team as part of IBM‘s cloud division. He is an IBM Watson expert. Boris creates fantastic solutions utilizing the ppower of artificial Intelligence.


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