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ConnectBTC: Israel's First Mining Pool

Bitcoin’s Cold War rages On

With talks of hard forks and soft forks, proposals and offered compromises, exploits and underhanded tricks, the Bitcoin community has been in the middle of what would appear to be an arms race of sorts. No, the arms here are not Intercontinental ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads. Rather it is the digital version of war, featuring Bitcoin and its would-be rival, Bitcoin Unlimited.

Just as in the days of the cold war, the news changes from day to day on who has the upper hand. The constant shifts in who has run afoul of the general consensus or who is making the biggest threats is dizzying. With the news comes the opinions of the masses. There is a lot of speculation on which piece of newly released information is valuable versus what is nothing more than hype. Everyone has their opinions and everyone is ready to tell you exactly why those opinions are right.

And like many times throughout history, the tides of war swiftly change due to a totally unexpected event that no one saw coming. Even after it has become public knowledge, talked about, analyzed and further talked about, it may still be missed. For those in the trenches still may not realize that they have witnessed what would become the turning point of the war.

New Israeli Mining Pool Announced

While the forums and boards have been in utter chaos over the past couple of days in regards to the newest developments in this all out fight, a heavy hitter for one side of the conflict has emerged with what could be a powerful blow to the opposing forces. Bitmain Tech, the largest Bitcoin mining provider has launched the newest of its conglomerate of mining pools, announcing ConnectBTC. Welcome to Israel’s first mining pool.

Not only is this the first mining pool to hit the middle east region, but it is also Launching with a claimed hash rate of 10.54 PH/s. The Bitmain Tech,  the leading Bitcoin mining hardware company in the world, also owns AntPool and BTC.com. With ConnectBTC comes another giant Bitcoin mining pool.

Coincidence or Calculated Attack?

Is it any coincidence that this new mining pool has launched now, at this very moment in time? Is it coincidental that this launch comes just a couple of weeks from the first shipment of new Mining hardware? It would be hard to say that it is coincidental. In fact, it would be very easy to say that the launch of this new mining pool is a deliberate, carefully calculated strike against the opposing forces at Bitcoin Unlimited.

However, sometimes the easiest things to say are the farthest from the truth. Those that would focus on this event may miss the true attack that may or may not come. There is no speculation here. There is simply the news of new mining pool, with very lucrative benefits. A pool that could see miners climb higher for the Bitcoin Core side of this seemingly endless Cold War. What the actual motives, actions and outcomes are is nothing more than a guess. However, it does add a new element of chaos to an already chaotic scene.

(Due to several remarks on various boards, regarding the URL of ConnectBTC, it is included here: https://ConnectBTC.com)

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