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I’m sure you already heard of Viberate. The music platform just introduced more than 50 thousand venue and 200 thousand event profiles, sticking closely to the roadmap, to accompany the already present 120 thousand musician profiles. Viberate is starting their token crowdsale on 5th September with the aim for the Vibe token to become a go-to digital currency for the live music industry. To make the crowdsale event on the 5th September special for everyone, UMEK, one of the co-founders of the project and world-famous techno DJ will play a special set that will be livestreamed to Viberate’s Facebook page.

More than 250,000 profiles added ahead of the upcoming token crowdsale

Viberate, a leading live music data platform – an IMDB of the industry, has added profiles of more than 50,000 music venues and 200,000 events to the already existing 120,000 musicians. All profiles are furnished with relevant and up-to-date information, that makes the discovery and decision-making process for users simple, fast and efficient. A new milestone has been reached as planned, twelve days before the Viberate’s token crowdsale that has already received prominent endorsements, including by Bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem.

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Profiles of venues feature all the information fans need when they decide where to go out on a Friday night: location, size, prevailing genre, previous lineups, upcoming events and photos of the venue. “If you’re stranded in Manchester on a weekend and want to go out, we’ll locate you and offer you a list of venues, based on your preferences,” says Matej Gregorčič, CEO and cofounder of Slovenia-based Viberate. “Venue profiles are an important update that will further speed up the adoption of the platform among target groups,” he adds.

Viberate already hosts more than 120,000 musicians from all around the world. Among those who have claimed their official profile are also some of the big names of music industry, such as Robbie Williams and Linkin Park.

Launch of the venues and events segment is another important step towards reaching the main goal – bringing together live music ecosystem and becoming the biggest global talent marketplace in the world. In order to execute on it at fast as possible, Viberate plans a public crowdsale of Vibe tokens on 5th of September 2017. The founder’s aim for the Vibe token is to become the go-to digital currency for the live music industry.

Viberate’s upcoming crowdsale has already been featured in some of the leading “crypto” publications, such as cointelegraph.comhacked.com and trustnodes.com“I’m happy to see that the interest in Vibe tokens exceeded our wildest expectations,” says Gregorčič. As music industry veterans, the team will make the event special for everyone. One of the co-founders, a world-famous techno DJ UMEK will have a special set prepared for the Viberate ICO launch, which will be live-streamed to the company’s Facebook page.

It has also received a great deal of attention within the community as well as being endorsed by prominent investors and entrepreneurs, including Bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem. “I am excited about the project because it enables payments for artists, music and content. It builds a whole economy around music industry,” Shrem says in a video statement:


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