With the ever-evolving world that is Cryptocurrency, we are seeing new developments in the industry almost on a daily basis.  The evolution of blockchain based ICO’s is happening as rapidly as the popularity of this modern day transaction platform is rising.

However there has never been anything as revolutionary as Vertex. The creators have developed the first of its kind token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair value based tokenization.

Unparalleled levels of expertise have been brought on board to vet ICO’s and launch an Initial Token Sale (ITS) and its own platform to bring this cutting-edge technology to a far wider audience of investors.  Their token is going to be used to underpin the ICO investment Economy. A safety net never seen before in this arena of investment.

This expertise is going to be used to vet the tokens and Vertex will buy the tokens deemed most likely to succeed. These tokens will then be available for purchase, by ordinary investors in the community, using Vertex Tokens. This way, Vertex is creating an ecosystem that continuously puts capital into the ICO market.

Vertex will set an example with its innovative models

This progressive business model brings stability along with disciplined investment behavior, investment opportunities with the potential of good returns and experience of having included traditional currency into cryptocurrency.

By investors being able to purchase pre-vetted tokens of their choice, being able to hold them themselves and trade as they want with them, Vertex, in turn, is able to create an economy through its own token, vetting power and purchasing power.

The Token holders will be able to buy various ICOs using only the Vertex Token and only after the public sale is over.  There will also be a fixed price. All of these factors bode well for the Vertex Token holder.

Fact Sheet

Number of Tokens   : 300 000 000

Divisibility                : 5 Decimal points

Ticker Symbol          : VTEX

ITS Hard Cap            : $44 700 000 USD

Soft Cap                    : $  3 000 000 USD

Min Contribution      : $50 USD

Allocation                  : 60% to public, i.e. 180 000 000 tokens

                                     40% to team, investors, limited company, partners, and bounty


The Vertex token will be an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.  It cannot be mined, and 100% of its sold tokens will be released once the ITS is over.


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