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VegasCasino.io Review

VegasCasino.io is a Bitcoin Casino offering more than 300 bitcoin casino games (including different slots, blackjack, roulette) a lottery and an option to play with Live Dealers. This is a huge offer, so you will probably find games that entertain you.

If you have never played on an online casino, then be sure to check out our full article on Bitcoin Casinos and Gambling.

Casino Status: PAYING
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Payout Time:
10 Minutes

Welcome Bonus:

Visitors: 45k monthly
Bonuscode 110%: CStaker

Payment methods:
Added on CoinStaker: 19.08.2016Site Registered: 01.06.2015
Paying Since: 2833 days

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Available Games on VegasCasino

Table Games ✔

Live Dealer ✔

Roulette ✔

Lottery ✔

Slot Machine ✔

Sport Bets ✖

Blackjack ✔

Poker ✖

Social Stats from Vegas Casino

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Video Review of VegasCasino.io

VegasCasino.io Bonus

Normal users registering on VegasCasino.io get a 100% Bonus on their first payment. But you guys are special! We managed to organize an 110% Bonus for this BTC casino, our special code for you is: CStaker. It counts for up to 1 bonus BTC. It is important that you activate this 110% Bonus Code before you deposit any Bitcoins!


What we also like on the Vegas-Casino is, that they offer many promotions besides the first Bonus. For example, there is always a second deposit bonus of 50% and also a 25% Bonus usable five times a day! Normally also for each new slot introduced they offer you a special promotion code.

Important notice for VegasCasino.io

We liked VegasCasino.io a lot, here are the most important facts that you need to know about what they offer:

Before you start playing, read this:
If you decide to gamble on this BTC casino, then you should prep. The preparation will increase your awareness and chances to win in the casino games:

  1. Bet Sizes – Since 1 BTC is a lot of money, VegasCasino lets you bet in mBTC. 1 BTC = 1000 mBTC! This info about the value of each chip is something you should always have in mind. Here are the standard chip sizes in value, if we evaluate one bitcoin with 644 USD:
    • 5 mBTC Chips = 3.22 USD
    • 20 mBTC Chips = 12.88 USD
    • 100 mBTC Chips = 64.4 USD
  2. Practice makes perfect – Before you place any real bets on a game, please first try it out with fictional money. So you can learn how it works without losing some bitcoin because you do any big mistakes.

Video Review Transcript

For all of you how can’t watch our video review, here is the transcript:

Hi guys, Philip from CoinStaker here! Bitcoin gambling is getting bigger and bigger, and since we had some of you ask us questions about bitcoin casinos, we decided to write an in depth guide which you can read by clicking here. And right now we are going to review one bitcoin casino in particular.
So let’s jump right into it. We decided to review VegasCasino dot io, because it was one of the first we read positive things about and because we were fond of the design of the website.
VegasCasino offers a variety of games. Slots, roulette, lottery, blackjack and our favorite – live dealer. Also they have many different kinds of table games like dice, báccarat, and seriously a lot of ways to play poker vs. the casino instead versus other players.
Also, they offer live chat, which can be helpful if any of you have some questions before or after you register.
What is missing are sports bets and an explicit and clearly defined VIP program. They state that a VIP user might get a tasty pizza sent home or win the latest MacBook. Also it says, that once a player is ready to become a vip, the support will contact him or her. Yet, there are no photos or videos of people receiving any prices and the website is live since June 2015.
What I think is important for each and every one of you to understand are two things: What mBTC is? And how the VegasCasino bonus system works!

So let us start with the mBTC. It’s a unit of the digital currency Bitcoin. 1000 mBTC equal 1 bitcoin. It is casually called mBit or milibit, because of it being one thousandth of a bitcoin.
Let us continue understanding their bonus system. In the “My Bonuses” Tab you can see the most important information about your current bonus.
The fields that should interest you the most are:
1) Bonus Amount; the amount given to you by the casino for joining them.
2) Locked Real Funds; the amount of real money you can get payed out immediately if you forfeit your bonus.
3) Remaining Wagering Requirement. This is the amount of mBit you need to bet to unlock your Bonus Funds Remaining. The initial wagering requirement is 35 times your bonus amount. Only after achieving this sum, you will be able to payout not only your locked real funds but also the bonus funds remaining.
4) To achieve this number you have one month from the day it has been granted.
At any given time you can press on forfeit, then all the locked real funds will get unlocked and you will be able to withdraw them instantly. By doing this, you will lose your bonus given by the casino.

So end of the day, It is important to always know what a single mBTC is worth, because else you will not know how many dollars, euros or whatever currency you are using – you are exactly betting. So you might be gambling more than you are usually confident to bet. Also, I think the casino is trying to make your account money look greater by multiplying it by 1000. This way I guess some people are betting more than they probably would otherwise.
On the same time check how much real funds you have in your account, because like we already learned, the number on the top is just the summation of your bonus and real funds.
But if you keep this information in mind, then there should be nothing to worry about!
After talking to vegasCasino, about us making a video review, they gave us a special promotion code giving an additional 10% bonus.

You can check out the code in the section below.
I hope you liked the video, if so please give us a thumbs up. As always, we are happy to communicate via comments or emails with you, so if you have any questions, you know how to reach us!

Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!

Thanks for reading, feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below! If you liked the article, you can vote from 1 to 5 being best!


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