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Every single year, over $400 billion dollars are donated for charitable causes and non profits organizations all over the world. But sometimes, it is not clear where the money goes and how it is being spent by these foundations. Additionally, donors do not know how their charitable giving is impacting and changing the world.

This is why Vantage Token will bring transparency to giving by leveraging blockchain technology. Contributors will be able to see where non-profits will be spending their donations – just by using Vantage Network. It will be very easy to do that, just like tracking a package, but instead, you will be tracking your donation.

Contributors will be able to see the impact of their donations and then, they will be donating more. According to a YouGov Omnibus Survey at the end of 2017, 67% of people would donate more to a charity/non-profit organization that is transparent in how they spend donations.

People in need get what they need, non-profits get more money to do more good, and contributors clearly see the impact their donations have.

But this is just the beginning, the platform is scalable and would be useful in many other fields including educational fundraisers, political campaigns, venture capital, crowdfunding, and any online fundraising campaign.

How Does The Platform Work?

It is very easy; a contributor makes a donation using its credit card to a non-profit organization that uses the Vantage Network. Then, the contributor receives a tracking ID that is associated with their donation – very similar to how package delivering works now. Then, they can use this ID to track how their donation is used by the non-profit organization.

The non-profit organization receives the donation in its Vantage Account and spends the donation using the Vantage Mobile Pay app. The interesting point is that the Vantage Network is based on the NEM blockchain, so the donation can be easily tracked.

Vantage Tokens, Sale, and Information

The platform uses Vantage Tokens (XVT) which is one of the key components of the network. A small percentage of every single donation will be converted into XVT, which will be used in the platform to track how fundraising organizations spend the donations they receive. 

The Token Sale is not open to everyone. Residents of the United States and other countries where Token Sales and ICOs are not permitted.

The ICO accepts BTC and ETH tokens and he minimum contribution is .05 ETH. The hard cap is 35,000 ETH.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

55% for the Crowdsale, 20% Vantage Network Reserve and Held for use in Vantage Network, 15% for the Vantage Team, finally, 10% for Vantage Advisors and Partners.


Jared Dorminey

Jared Dorminey is the Co-Founder of Vantage Network. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded several technology forms that are focused on network infrastructure, software development and cyber security.

Jeff Hood

He has spent over 18 years in outsourcing and consulting, focusing on offshore outsourcing. He has been working in companies such as HCL Technologies, Zesnar and GSS Infotec, and has experience in building and managing global sales forces across multiple continents and countries.

Jason Audfermaur

Jason has been an entrepreneurial attorney for 20 years. He works with experienced business owners in both public and private businesses.

Other important team members are Mayur Moudhgalya, Raghuram Bala, Zac Fitzner, Jay Robbins, C. Dan Wyatt, Anupam Varshney, Mike Anderson, Patrick Rosenberger, Juli Morris, Caroline Johnson, Mickey Cohen, Naoya Wada, Stephanie Melstrom, Lisa Katz and Adamthulla Kallura.

Board of Advisors

David Drake

David Drake is the Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital. He has been a leader in the cryptocurrency space. He started in 2011 by collaborating on the JOBS Act to create new laws underlying all fundraising in the U.S. for all Initial Coin Offerings. He hold an MBA in Finance and an MA In International Law and Economics from George Washington University in DC.

William ‘Bill’ Davis III

He is a former PwC & CEO at Daopay. He is a tenacious leader with extensive experience and excellent board and senior executive level references in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Payments, Data Visualization, Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Applications.

Specialities include: new technologies, difficult projects and strong leadership. Examples include: Crypto Currencies in China, Mobile Payments in London and Austria.

Allan Young

He is the founder of two large technology and business incubators. TopLine which is located in Richmond Marina Bay near UC Berkeley and Runway which is located in downtown San Francisco. He co-founded an advertising technology company that was eventually acquired by one of Japan’s biggest e-commerce companies, Rakuten.

Keith Kaplan

He is a thought, creativity and technology leader that has conceived, created and partnered in many successful business and technology projects. Mr. Kaplan is always on the edge of emerging technology and how this integrates into our lives in a commercial and personal way.

Leon Kopyt

He is the founder and Chairman Emeritus and past President and Chief Executive Officer of RCM Technologies, INC. He is also an accomplished industrialist and businessman with extensive and diversified experience in domestic and international operations.


The Vantage Network is a Contribution Tracking platform that allows donors and contributors to see how the money they give to a fundraising campaign is used. This would increase the confidence of donors and increase trust in non-profits organizations and potentially yield more money raised.

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