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The IRS has recently started collaborating with bitcoin forensics companies to track bitcoin transactions and determine who has used them for what. A number of new startups have recently been founded to do exactly this, including one called Chainalysis. This means that accurate cryptocurrency anonymization has never been needed as much as now. This is where the best bitcoin tumbler 2018, BestMixer.io, can help.
Crypto users often think that their cryptocurrency transactions can’t be traced, simply because crypto wallets don’t have a name attached to them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. All digital currencies leave traces behind when they are used for transactions. This includes not only the wallet address but much, much more.
BestMixer.io, the best bitcoin tumbler 2018, recently explained that when a crypto transaction takes place, the wallet address, the balance, the coins’ origin and even the target address could be determined. Not only does the details of an individual’s private life become known but they could in fact unknowingly become targets for cybercriminals.


Differentiation of pools for mixing coins for different purposes

BestMixer.io offers a whole new level of anonymization for bitcoin transactions when they introduced three different reserves (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma). By using these pools, BestMixer is able to guarantees that digital currency transactions will be totally anonymous, as the pools will resist analysis, even when extremely advanced forensics tools for blockchains are used.
If you have never used a bitcoin tumbler before, BestMixer makes it easy to get started by providing a video tutorial on how to mix bitcoins and use the service correctly.
Chainalysis takes apart crypto transactions data and reveals the roots of the crypto involved in the transactions. BestMixer strives to protect the digital privacy rights of cryptocurrency users and resists services such as Chainalysis by using their three crypto reserves.
The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma reserves are used to mix the coins that users deposit. Users can select the pool they want to use. Although the coins in the Alpha and Beta pools are mixed and mainly come from users, the Gamma pool has its own pool of crypto that is verified, private and reliable. The coins in this pool are never mixed with the other pools. Although coins deposited into any of the reserves are exchanged for untraceable, clean bitcoin, only the Gamma pool will resist blockchain forensics as is used by Chainalysis.
The Gamma pool is built with of crypto from BestMixer’s private reserves, and is supplemented by investors’ coins. This pool is advanced and its coins are never mixed with, nor are they related in any way to the other pools’ coins. Customers who are interested in breaking the link between addresses, while also wanting to be sure of that they use the best and legal bitcoin tumbler and obtain coins from a reliable source, will find the Gamma reserve suitable for their requirements.
Apart from using Bitcoin, BestMixer is also an anonymous legal bitcoin mixer for Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and Litecoin. Not many mixers can handle such a big selection of tokens. BestMixer’s fees start at 0.5% for the Alpha reserve and reduce to 0.25% when a special cumulative code is used.
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