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Cryptocurrency is no longer the thing that no one understands and doesn’t want to understand. It’s a proven and valid financial concept that’s getting stronger by the day. Ever since investors and governments started reaping the benefits of blockchain technology, the need for increased literacy in the sector became obvious. This means that institutions open positions specifically related to blockchain tech. As a result, top universities recognized the need for blockchain education.

Is there such thing as a blockchain university? Can you gain a degree in this discipline?

Yes; you can! It’s more than obvious that blockchain will change the world, and many of the best universities took a step forward.

Coinbase, in collaboration with Qriously, conducted research on crypto in higher education. They found that 42% of the top 50 universities on a global level offered at least one course on blockchain or cryptocurrency. The survey showed that students across all majors were highly interested taking such courses.

Top Universities Offering Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Education

  1. University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona offers a one-year Master’s program in Blockchain technologies. The point of the program is to teach students how to implement this technology in any kind of business model or project. Even students who haven’t graduated from university can be accepted, but they will receive a certificate instead of the MA cryptocurrency degree.

The program is offered online, through the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. It costs almost 15K €. 

  1. Northeastern University Silicon Valley

The College of Engineering at Northeastern University offers a Master of Science in Information Systems, with an option to specialize in blockchain technology. This specialization includes these courses:

  • Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts
  • Digital Smart Contracts Product Innovations
  • Regulatory Aspects of Smart Contract Automation
  • Advanced Topics in Cryptocurrencies
  • Smart Contract Application Engineering and Development

This is a challenging MA program that involves not only learning, but practical work as well. The students are asked to complete several projects to prove their competence and expand their research capacity.

If you’re challenged by that aspect of graduate education, you can consider the option to get essay writer service from experts. They can provide valuable information and market research, which will make project development easier.

  1. University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley has a student organization focused on blockchain innovation. Currently, five courses are offered on and off campus through the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences department.

If you like learning online, you can enroll in the Blockchain Fundamentals certificate program, which is available through edX for less than $200. It includes two courses:

  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain Technology
  1. Stanford University

Stanford University is always an educational leader. It has its own Center for Blockchain Research, where the economics, law, and engineering faculty members collaborate towards innovations. The Center offers seminars to educate students.

But that’s not where the efforts stop.

Stanford also offers actual education to students, through the Stanford School of Engineering. There’s a specialized course on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, which is part of the Cyber Security Graduate Certificate program.

We’re still waiting for an entire program based on cryptocurrencies from Stanford, though.

  1. New York University

NYU started offering fintech education through courses back in 2014. But in the fall of 2018, the university launched a degree program developed around blockchain.

This is a full-time MBA program, which covers digital advisory and trading systems, blockchain, mobile payment systems, AP and machine learning, and all other tech-enabled innovations in the business model.

The courses include:

  • Digital Currency, Blockchains & the Future of the Financial Services Industry
  • Fintech Risk Management
  • Data Mining for Business Analytics
  • Practical Big Data, and more

Universities Are Catching Up with the Trend

Universities are known for being notoriously behind new technologies in their programs. But the times have changed. Finally, we’re looking at programs that don’t teach obsolete technology. Some of the best universities around the world offer programs that prepare students to implement blockchain technology in their jobs as soon as they graduate. These courses are included in auditing, finance, and tax specializations. However, blockchain is also the subject of specialized degrees, with various niches of implementation.

One thing is for sure: if you enroll in any of these programs, you’ll be a highly employable job candidate.


Nicholas Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, and world traveler. Currently, he is committed to online courses, which help him gain more knowledge in Blockchain technologies. The learning never stops!

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