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Esports betting is the new cool kid on the block for gambling operators and it has been taking the world by storm. Obviously it still has a long way to go to get to the level of traditional sports betting sites, but still, it is looking to be a hit with the younger generation. Recently an esports betting operator by the name of Unikrn received a license for crypto and fiat currency gambling.

Unikrn Limited is now able to feature an official license on their webpage from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. The CEO Rahul Sood recently celebrated the company’s success, by calling it the biggest project since 2014. Apparently, Unikrn is now crowned as the first blockchain live wagering backend.

Now Unikrn is not small at all. It was able to cover most of the time zones around the world by receiving an Australian regulation, which unfortunately ran out last December, but thanks to the Isle of Man and Malta regulations it is still able to maintain a sustainable business model.

The preparations

According to the company, they have already gone through a testing on a UK platform for the recent UFC events, which featured wagering with their signature token UnikoinSilver. For the future, the operator is hoping to feature their newest addition, the UnikoinGold token.

The Unikrn product is currently featured on European, South American and Southeast Asian markets, with the US well on its way. One altercation is that the company will be forced to operate only within 41 states as the rest have very serious regulations about esports betting. The betting with the US product will only be available in UnikoinGold.

According to Sood, the major audit has already been passed and the company’s policies have been certified. The IOM regulators have already ensured that the company’s KYC (Know your Customer), AML (anti-money laundering) and digital wallet quality was sufficient.

Nevada the land of gambling

The first step within the wild wild west of the United States has already been taken as Unikrn organized some esports competitions at the MGM Resorts properties. Sooner rather than later, Sood is hoping for a full crypto conversion for the betting.

The esports betting industry has been dominated by Pinnacle. Although the industry is not that old and sophisticated, it still is able to attract a lot of attention especially from the younger generation, who are more likely to try their luck on the betting. According to Sood the IOM license and so much press coverage only mean that Unikrn is the newest regulated legitimate operator waiting to one-up everyone in the industry.

Source: https://casinopånett.eu/nyheter/unikrn-har-akkurat-fatt-godkjent-kryptobetting/


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