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One of the many concepts or practices in the cryptocurrency arena that has come under much criticism and scrutiny is that of in-browser mining. This is basically when one’s browser is user to mine cryptocurrencies, either with or without the person’s knowledge. Its criticisms have all come from the fact that people can illegally use or exploit others browsers and computer resources for the purpose of generating their income at the expense of the latter.

That shouldn’t put you off so quickly as there is apparently, light at the end of the tunnel for the idea after all. The Australian wing of Unicef is now planning on using the idea to raise funds for its humanitarian cause on the continent-country.


Unicef And The Perfect Cryptocurrency Partnership

In-browser mining essentially isn’t a bad thing, far from that. What it is however is just another means of mining cryptocurrencies which some unscrupulous people have eventually made to look evil. Essentially, where the funds generated from the mining goes is what determines whether an in-browser mining act is bad or not.

Judging by just how much opposition cryptocurrencies have faced over the years, an act of making it serve the greater good of humanitarian purposes may very well be a welcome initiative to keep the critics off its scent a bit. If there is any globally recognised institution which appears to be taking cryptocurrencies serious at all and is exploring its vast potential, then you would say its Unicef. During the early months of this year Unicef France began hiring gamers to mine cryptocurrencies for them to help generate more funds to facilitate its work, and apparently Australia is also following suit.

Unicef Australia has now launched a webpage known as HopePage which houses information on in-browser crypto mining. People who find the cause worth championing can then make available part of their computers’ resources towards the mining of new cryptocurrencies to help the Unicef raise funds. This is a feature that is only available to Australians at the moment of publishing.

unicef to mine monero cryptocurrency

Unicef will be using Coinhive’s AuthedMine for the mining of the Monero cryptocurrency (as that is the only cryptocurrency supported by Coinhive at the moment). Whether Unicef will maintain the XMR tokens as they are or exchange them for fiat currencies right away is still to be determined.

Coinhive doesn’t naturally play well with most browsers due to past records of malicious activities. However all browser ad blockers may permit HopePage to function effectively because of Unicef.

Those who may be wondering if their resources may not be overused, the good news and official answer is no. This is because the donor of the computer resource gets to choose just how much of his or her computing power should be used for the mining process as well as approve manually of any mining attempt anytime they visit the website.

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