Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, was pretty vocal about his opinion on Libra. He recently stated that he wants absolutely nothing to do with Facebook’s stablecoin project and will never join the Libra Association.

When asked about joining, Dorsey was short and clear:

“Hell no.”

Dorsey also reacted harshly towards Zuckerberg’s recent speech at Georgetown University. He stated that many of Zuckerberg’s comments were splashed with American tradition and had little to do with reality.

The usual narrative about freedom of speech, censorship and the ever-growing role of tech platforms in democracy was chewed over and over again.

Many Twitter users hope Dorsey will stay true to his word

Dorsey also noted that Zuckerberg seemed to be critical of China’s approach to tech development. He believes however that there should never be too much investment in only one concept. He explained:

“There is just no way that we can simply take away the ability to experiment and expand. We aren’t only serving American customers, we’re serving a worldwide audience. The current version of the Internet is a form of an emerging mini-state.”

While Twitter certainly has its fair share of issues, Dorsey is for sure not under the same kind of fire as Zuckerberg. Last year, Twitter was facing a rather unique predicament with the massive influx of spam bots infesting the platform.

The situation reached a point, where many celebrities were forced to contact Dorsey to take action. Zuckerberg’s issues on the other hand, have moved far and away from social media and are currently almost overwhelmingly associated with the Libra project.

His scheduled appearance before Congress yesterday did not seem to sway regulators and Libra still seems to be stuck in its tracks.

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