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In the last days we have heard how Microsoft and Steam stopped accepting Bitcoin payments. In addition to it, the North American Bitcoin Conference has announced that they do not accept Bitcoin payments for tickets. But Twitch, one of the most important streaming platforms in the world, now accepts Bitcoin payments.

Twitch Goes Against the Trend

Due to the fact that Bitcoin fees have become higher and transactions take long to be processed, some companies decided to stop using this cryptocurrency. Microsoft or Steam are just some of these businesses.

Twitch Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Twitch Logo

Twitch has announced in Twitter that they are now accepting Bitcoin payments. The company known as the gaming streaming service, offers different payment methods to subscribe to its platform. Among these payment options can be found: Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, BestBuy, Skrill, PayPal and Bitcoin.

The informational tweet reads as follows:

“Put those gift cards from grandma to good use by subscribing to your favourite streamer! We take these and more. Just click “Show More Methods” on the Payment Information Screen.”

Twitch has broken the trend that during these last weeks we have witnessed. Steam and Microsoft stop accepting Bitcoin payments. Steam has decided to move from Bitcoin to Litecoin. Litecoin offers less transaction fees and faster transaction times.

Bitcoin should find a consensus on how to be a competitive cryptocurrency as it was before. At the moment, it keeps being the cryptocurrency with the most important market capitalization in the market. But every single month is less, and soon, it can lose its dominance. Some hours ago, Bitcoin only had 32% of the total cryptocurrency market valuation.

Ripple, Ethereum, NEM and other cryptocurrencies have been increasing their participation in the market. In less than one month, if the trend keeps, the total market capitalization of the alt-coins will be bigger than Bitcoin. That would be for the first time since bitcoin was created.

Reddit Pushing for More Adoption

In Reddit, users are searching different ways to promote cryptocurrencies. The main idea is to spread the knowledge about virtual currencies to be accepted in more and more places. Twitch will allow Bitcoin users to pay for their favourite streamers with their favourite cryptocurrency.

At the same time, other platforms receive several messages per day in order to accept cryptocurrency payments. During this year, we will witness how various enterprises will adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Twitch adding Bitcoin is a great news that should influence other businesses to follow this path.

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