It’s been a while since TRON made headlines. The project was originally hyped as one of the projects with most potential. It is the developers hope, that TRON can live-up to its potential with the new TRON MainNet upgrade.

TRON developers are shaping the platform to be perfect for entertainment-centered dApps. Developers also have the option to create dApps on the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), as well as the TRON protocol itself.

The MainNet upgrade Odyssey v3.6, will introduce a lot of new features aimed at simplifying dApp creation. There are also several features which will improve the network’s overall security and stability.

According to official data, TRON performs around 2000 transactions per second (TPS). When compared with the TPS of ETH and BTC, respectfully 25 and 5, TRON seems to be dwarfing the competition.

The TRON MainNet Upgrade cannot fix some past mistakes

It’s natural however, that the TRON MainNet upgrade isn’t received with a lot of optimism. Last year, the Odyssey 3.1 was announced with the promise that TRON will be 200 times faster vs. ETH and 100 times cheaper vs. EOS.

If TRON keeps making such drastic improvements, why isn’t anyone hyped for the project though?

The answer in this case is quite simple, bad reputation.

In the beginning of the year, the founder and CEO of Stellar, Jed McCaleb publicly referred to TRON as “simply garbage”.

There was also quite a bit of outrage regarding the departure of Lucian Chen, the former CTO of the project. He was accused of many corporate crimes, but he was very vocal about some of the issues at TRON which made a lot of people question the accusations.

Chen called out Justin Sun, to reveal the truth about the decentralization at TRON. He also mentioned that TRON is simply not able to run internet applications.

Eventually, the truth will come up and until then, the TRON MainNet upgrade will have to impress a lot of people.

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