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The global face of finance is changing. We are on the cusp of embarking into the age of a global digital currency. Heralded for many years, in 2018 we are finally seeing clear indications that cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Ripple and Monero are penetrating the mainstream for the first time in our history.
The surge of many blockchain-based enterprises in recent years is no coincidence – and is changing the way that companies operate globally. Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed companies consistently change the cryptocurrency landscape.
Stream Token offers a decentralised, blockchain-based token that gives content creators the ability to easily monetise their work whereas the Divi Project is a consumer-oriented platform and user interface that aims to make the process of owning a ‘smart wallet’ easier.
However, perhaps the single most important and momentous date in the history of cryptocurrency is upon us – the launch of 500 cryptocurrency ATMs.
Whilst many blockchain-based companies focus on technology, Trilliant has focused their innovation on hardware and building a global cryptocurrency infrastructure that will appeal to seasoned investors and amateurs alike.
This innovative cryptocurrency business envisions a world where cryptocurrency is accessible to everyone. In the very near future, anyone will be able to deposit and withdraw their cryptocurrencies at one of Trilliant’s next generation terminals – just as simply as it is to deposit or withdraw money from traditional ATMs today.
Trilliant Founder and CEO, Sebastian Korbach said, ‘Our aim is to have 500 ATMs operating by 2019.’ He goes on to state, ‘In the long run, we want our machines visible on every corner, creating greater awareness for cryptocurrencies in general.’
Considered to be the zenith of cryptocurrency hardware innovation, Trilliant’s ATMs facilitate direct access to ICOs, with two-way transactions (pay-in and pay-out) also able to be achieved in much the same manner as traditional ATMs.
Additionally, Trilliant’s ATMs will feature a state-of-the-art touch screen, card reader and PIN pad. They will also be installed with comprehensive inbuilt security features, allowing cryptocurrency investors to secure protect their assets. These security features include a front-facing camera for optimal client verification (KYC – know your customer).
At present, it’s estimated that there are 2,700 dedicated cryptocurrency ATMs located across the world. None of which feature the signature user-experience that Trilliant ATMs will. Most of the 2,700 ATMs only afford users the opportunity to purchase coins (one-way transactions.)
Trilliant’s ATMs will allow investors and neophytes the opportunity to exchange digital assets for FIAT currencies and vice versa. This represents the first time that such a facility has been available at an ATM machine and is sure to not just pique the interest of casual and professional cryptocurrency investors but compel a broad range of consumers to investigate the impact that cryptocurrencies are likely to have one their lives in the coming years.
It’s clear that the introduction of Trilliant’s ATMs represents one of the most significant milestones of the blossoming cryptocurrency sector. As 2018 and 2019 unfold, it will be interesting to observe the extent to which Trilliant’s ATMs impact the global fiscal landscape.
Learn more about Trilliant by clicking the link here and reading their Whitepaper.



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