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Coinbase recently released aggregated data in the form of 3 trading signals to its customers. The American crypto exchange revealed the offerings on July 17th.

According to the announcement, investors can now make use of top holder activity, price correlation and the typical hold time and popularity.

Each of these offerings will help investors develop and grow more informed and complex trading strategies. With information that goes far beyond raw price metrics, Coinbase customers can expect better results.

With the hold-time signal, investors can track any given asset and how much time it takes for it to move via a new transaction. Asset popularity on the other hand, allows investors to see how many users are holding the select cryptocurrency.

The trading signals will provide the just the edge some traders might need

The trading signals are giving investors modern, easy to use and possibly game-changing options. After the introduction of the trade signals, investors can now learn and adapt according to user behavior.

The announcement states that these trading signals are unique and the first of their kind when it comes to crypto trading. Coinbase also stated that along with the new metrics, users will be offered all the traditional market data which has been previously provided.

Last month, Coinbase came up with a very interesting and in-depth report about mass adoption and awareness trends in the United States.

The conducted survey shared a lot of surprising information about American awareness regarding cryptocurrencies. More than 2000 people participated in the survey and 58% of them said they heard about bitcoin.

It was also revealed that California, New Jersey and Washington are the top 3 states when it comes to crypto ownership.

The new trading signals are a welcomed sight for Coinbase after the recent crash, which many experts believe, was responsible for the beginning of bitcoin’s steady downfall.

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