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Starting out in a new field is often a challenge for most people, which is why you should find a trusted expert to hold your hand. In the world of Blockchain and digital assets, knowing reliable crypto influencers can save you time and money.

In his book, “Money, Master The Game,” Tony Robbins writes about how he looked for and interviewed top 50 experts in the world of investing. The author admits that the approach remains his answer to fast learning.

Another author, Tim Ferris, backs the same idea. He used a similar approach in two of his books, Tools of Titans and Tribe Mentors.

In the field of Cryptos, we can apply a similar approach. Crypto influencers play a critical role in shaping the market. In addition, with more than 800 digital assets out there, you need a reliable partner for leverage and wisdom as you test the crypto waters. Crypto influencers could help you get breaking news, learn about upcoming events, and stay updated with real stories surrounding the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The hype about cryptocurrency is big out there, making it easy for many existing and aspiring investors to get distracted. Outrageous headlines and fake news on social media can easily steal your attention and divert you from the right course.

Bitcoin prices related to crypto influencers

If you did not know, the price of Bitcoin relates closely to the opinions of crypto influencers. Forget about the social media hype, there are only a few influencers in the crypto world that you should watch out for:

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum

Buterin’s love for Bitcoin began at age 17. A few years afterward, he got a grant from the Thiel Fellowship (founded by Peter Thiel). He dropped out of university and created Ethereum. From a passion-driven project to the second most valuable cryptocurrency, Buterin remains one of the crypto influencers to watch in 2018. He has won various accolades including the Forbes top 40 under 40.

You can grab Buterin’s Twitter handle at–@VitalikButerin

Charlie Lee

Image of Litecoin founder, Charlie Lee

The former director of engineering at Coinbase is the founder of Litecoin, the third oldest cryptocurrency still in place. Initially, Lee was an employee of Google, where he worked on YouTube and Google Play games. Unconfirmed reports have it that Lee might have been involved in the creation of Bitcoin, based on his rich technical expertise (he, however, denies this). Besides, he was one of the early adopters of the virtual currency. Even so, with hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Lee remains one of the crypto influencers to follow.

Grab Lee’s handle here: @SatoshiLite

Erik Voorhees

This Bitcoin investor believes the Blockchain technology is one of the best inventions of humanity. Voorhees is the CEO of ShapeShift, which is one of the leading digital currency exchanges. Voorhees is a speaker and writer, mainly on Bitcoin and its potential as the world’s future currency.

Follow Voorhees: @ErikVoorhees

Vinny Lingham

An entrepreneur and investor, Vinny Lingham is a co-founder and director of various crypto-related companies. MultiCoin Capital and Civic Technologies are just a few examples of the companies that bear his footprint. Lingham is a Bitcoin investor and offers practical advice to Bitcoin startups.

Grab Lingham’s handle here: @VinnyLingham

Don Tapscott

An author of more than 15 books, Don Tapscott is an expert in how technology affects business and society. A link to his influential talks on Blockchain technology is available here. In 2016, Tapscott published a guide, Blockchain Revolution, which the Financial Times described as ‘Thorough and influential.’

In addition, Tapscott is a co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, which analyzes the potential applications of the Blockchain technology and its future. With more than three decades of study in the impact of technology, Tapscott is a voice to listen to and one of the crypto influencers.

Follow Tapscott on Twitter: @dtapscott

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is an entrepreneur and a technologist with a valued authority in the crypto sphere. His influence revolves around bitcoin, as depicted in his two books, Mastering Bitcoin, and The Internet of Money. He is also the author of ‘Mastering Ethereum.’ Antonopoulos aims to make Bitcoin topic accessible and digestible for anyone. He articulates the Whys and Hows of Bitcoin through writing, podcasting, consultancy, and talks.

Besides, Antonopoulos is the founder of several Bitcoin companies as well as open source projects. His participation in multiple crypto related projects makes him one of the crypto influencers the opinions to behold.

Grab Antonopoulos’ Twitter handle: @aantonop

Find Antonopoulos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/aantonop/

Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon is the head of JP Morgan, a global leader in financial services. Dimon is a disruptive figure with powerful views on Bitcoin. While he described the virtual currency as a ‘fraud,’ his actions speak better than his words. JP Morgan currently concentrates on the creation of a blockchain payment system that will minimize transaction times. With a big share in the financial world, Dimon is one of the crypto influencers worth your scrutiny as a crypto enthusiast.

Follow Jamie Dimon on Twitter: @JPmorgan

Roger Ver

Popularly known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus,’ Ver is an ardent supporter of Bitcoin adoption. In addition, he is a popular investor and a vocal power on digital currencies. He was an early adopter of bitcoin and the CEO of Bitcoin.com continues investing in virtual currency startups. An advocate of Bitcoin Cash, Ver shares regularly his ideas on a wide range of Bitcoin forums and websites. He remains an important voice in the crypto world.

Follow Roger Ver on Twitter: @rogerkver

Follow Roger on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/rogerver

Winklevoss Twins

As their names suggest, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are both entrepreneurs and professional rowers. In 2013, they won a lawsuit against Facebook Mogul Mark Zuckerberg and used the earnings to buy large quantities of Bitcoin. Currently, their holdings are worth more than one billion dollars, making them one of the crypto influencers with the ability to influence trends.

Follow the Winklevoss twins on Twitter: @winklevoss and @tylerwinklevoss

Bettina Warburg

Bettina Warburg is an outstanding thought leader and the head of blockchain research and development at Animal Ventures. She joins forces with like-minded entities such as Fortune 500 companies and governments to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies mainstream. In 2016, Warburg gave a TED talk on the blockchain.

Grab Warburg’s Twitter handle: @BWarburg

Other Powerful Voices in the Crypto World

In addition to the names mentioned above, more other important voices exist in the world of cryptocurrency. The following are some of the little-known crypto influencers that you, as an investor, should also know.

Nick Szabo

A computer scientist and a cryptographer, Nick is best known for his idea on smart contracts and his relationship with Ethereum. An influential thinker, he is one of the crypto influencers you need to follow. You can listen to his podcast, which he did in collaboration with Tim Ferris and Naval Ravikant.

Check out Nick’s website or grab his Twitter handle:

Gavin Anderson

Gavin is a positive power in the crypto world, being one of the Bitcoin Core original developers. He can provide insightful tips and thought nuggets on the trending topics and news in the world of cryptocurrency.

Follow Gavin on Twitter: @gavinandersen

Barry Silbert

A popular crypto investor, Barry is another crypto influencer. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/barrysilbert

Clif High

While many perceive him as a controversial figure, Clif has conducted nice YouTube interviews with multiple coin creators. The rule of thumb is to follow any influential figure but make your personal judgment.

Clif is available on YouTube and on Twitter

Final Thoughts

This piece may not be exhaustive, but it does give you the lead on who is who in the crypto market. If you feel there is another name that should be among the crypto influencers, feel free to add it to the ‘comments’ section below.

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