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Brave, the blockchain-based Internet browser continues to expand by integrating its crypto tipping option into both Reddit and Vimeo.

It was announced last week, that the 0.68.131 browser update would feature the option to tip creators on Vimeo and Reddit with BAT. It’s very important to note, that Vimeo is an ad-free platform unlike Reddit which is as mainstream as it gets.

Donations can be done in the browser’s native BAT tokens, which are currently priced at $0.191624.

The tipping option didn’t pop out of nowhere

The crypto tipping feature isn’t a revolution started on the two platforms. In fact, it comes weeks after its initial introduction on Twitter, which was in turn a follow-up to a very successful trial on Brave’s testing browser, Brave Nightly.

The first mentions about the crypto tipping on Reddit and Vimeo were seen during Brave’s developer preview from a few months ago.

This is however, by no means the first attempt to enable tipping by users on either Reddit or Vimeo. Way back in 2012, Vimeo released the Tip Jar feature, which allowed content creators to receive donations from $1 up to $500 via a credit card transfer or PayPal.

Back in 2015, after experiencing many issues, the Tip Jar was shut down while Vimeo focused their attention on another tool aimed at content monetization called “Vimeo On Demand”.

Reddit’s history with tipping is a bit more complicated. Back in 2013, the tipping option for bitcoin was enabled for all users via the bitcointipbot.

The service was later terminated and switched over to Changetip. Changetip was operational from 2014 to 2017 and had 100 000 unique sign ups and over 350 000 recorded tips.

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