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Brian Kelly is the portfolio manager of BKCM Digital Asset Fund and the CEO of BKCM. BKCM deals with some grand numbers, involving digital assets in macroeconomics, and handles strategizing on a large scale (with a minimum investment threshold of $250 000), so we recommend you take them seriously.

You may have heard us pitch idea before, and here’s further proof it makes sense. According to Brian Kelly,

“We’re in early-stage tech in this so you have to remember this is like the internet in the 1980s. I used to think this was the internet in ’95 but, after the last couple months of talking to folks, I think we’re more like the 1980s. I think this technology’s going to work. It’s going to be game-changing, but it’s very early days so we can have this massive volatility.”

What is the concept?

The idea is basically as follows: when we have seen the first of the Internet, it was really groggy, slow and inept, and yet at the time it was obvious it had the potential to transform the world.

Look at it now – distance is no longer an issue. You can not only communicate to someone on the other end of the planet by just clicking a link – but also book a plane ticket using your phone or make a Bitcoin transaction using a subdermal chip implanted under your skin.

Bitcoins today have just as much of a potential to change the world – with the increased transaction speeds and a potential of having complete transparency.

Is blockchain more powerful?

One major difference is that blockchain in open-source, which means that it is capable of permeating everything and mutating according to the possible arising requirements. Just like it is impossible to censor the internet (not for the lack of trying on the government’s part), it is impossible to hold down a genie which has been released from the bottle.

Anyone can alter the code, and transactions happen normally under the radar, which means that it’s extremely difficult to place limitations on who pays with Bitcoins and what the money is used for. Kelly says:

“It’s CISCO. We’re at the age of CISCO and Microsoft. With CISCO you’re talking about routers, right? You’re talking about internet protocols. This is an open-source software, so you can’t think of it as a company, right? And I think that’s where people make a mistake. They quote market cap and say all that. This is not a stock. This is not a company. This is open-source software.”

Blockchain, in fact, is not only capable of changing the world just much as The Internet did in its time, by demolishing geographical limitations, giving everyone as much publicity and see-thoroughness with social media, and being connected all the time. It is capable of much more.

Faster and easier transactions

This means much less time is spent on formalities and problem-solving, and more time doing something we all like. Not only can we now chat with people from all over the globe. We can send them money so they can get a plane ticket to see us.

What’s the next step? Probably VR that is indistinguishable from real life and sex doll cyborgs. “Now I have a new article to fwd to anyone that tells me “but Bitcoin can’t buy anything.” – Comment the users when they read the article that describes the next level of possibilities Bitcoin offers, namely paying for sex dolls with cryptocurrency.

We know, we know, there are standards of decency and it’s all very immoral – but no-one is made of stone. Didn’t you ever think of what it would be like to have a literally flawless partner, living tissue over a cybernetic organism?  Add to that flexible payment options.


Have you read our article on the possibilities of using blockchain to create a perfect democracy where everyone has a voice? Then you know are all for freedom and empowerment, which were the values that Bitcoin was created to release and uphold according to Amir Taaki.

Now, as The Internet has given us the freedom to speak uncensored and watch pretty much everything we liked, in the same way, Bitcoins might just create a fair and just society with no corruption.

If you have grown up in one of those countries where there were a lot of limitations on getting to know other cultures, you know how sweet the thought of learning about other worlds is, for instance, if you have every used internet as a kid to watch a movie about Paris, and you’ve never seen it before.

The thought of having a system with which you could build a real democracy may be even sweeter – and we have The Internet and blockchain to thank for it.

Staying connected and participating

If you have a fitness bracelet that vibrates every time you get a message on Facebook, you know something goes on in the world 24/7/365/ Now, blockchain is capable of making you great lots of money, too, so that your every dream can come true.

Since October the 5th 2009 Bitcoin went up 1,155,659,364%. While the price is still low but steadily climbing, the market still offers a few ways to get rich.

Of course, you’d need to be equipped with experts knowledge of the market and be in touch if just about every event in order to make decisions like those guys who bought Bitcoins before it became so expensive – but that’s what we are for, right?

Images courtesy of Supload, krollontrack.co.uk.


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