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BitMinutes, the cryptocurrency with the compelling business plan to alleviate global poverty by monetizing prepaid airtime minutes, has issued its weekly warning of the next Pre-ICO price increase. It will occur this Monday, April 9. This is another increase of $0.002, which will raise the price from $0.013 to $0.015.
As BitMinutes reminded us last week when announcing the last price jump, Pre-ICO prices increase weekly until April 30, 2018, when the full ICO price of $0.020 per BitMinute (BMT) is reached, and the ICO kicks off.
Full pricing details, and account opening instructions, are available at https://www.bitminutes.com. The white paper, team bios and other information are also all on the same site.
“The Pre-ICO has seen steadily increasing activity,” said BitMinutes CFO Paddy Atmuri. “Purchases have started at a few hundred dollars and go up to amounts in the thousands, so people of all income levels are finding our mission of interest. As our CEO Tom Meredith stated last March, everyone gets to join our mission at a level that makes them most comfortable.”
BitMinutes wants to be “better than BitCoin for billions,” by which they mean a more reliable vehicle of exchange for less-economically developed communities. Their strategic plan is to create more affordable financial service delivery systems that give the people in these communities “on the edge of the global financial system” access to better, formal, affordable financial services like depository accounts, fee-free money transfer, micro and nano-loans to start businesses and the like.
Incorporated in Delaware in the U.S., BitMinutes has also established a subsidiary, BitMinutes GmbH, in Lichtenstein, and are working with that country’s Financial Monetary Authority for operational approval.
“These are the many less advanced economies where cash and barter remain the primary form of exchange,” said BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith. At BitMinutes we seek to apply the cost-shaving impact of blockchain technology and tokenization to drive down the cost of financial transactions in these communities, delivering formal, reliable financial services to developing communities, which currently struggle under capricious, corrupt systems that do not serve these communities very well. We hope to break that cycle of poverty with less expensive, more transparent, straight-to-consumer networks that cut out a lot of inefficient intermediaries.”
“We are excited about our financial inclusion mission,” added Meredith. “People have been buying BitMinutes during the Pre-ICO to join that mission as much as to buy and hold an asset that could appreciate.”
Full BMT Pre-ICO pricing and the place to open an account and buy them can be found on the home page at https://www.bitminutes.com


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