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The truth is that cryptocurrencies have been expanding all over the world. They were able to reach an important amount of people. But most of them do not really understand how these digital assets work. This is one of the reasons why, the number of crypto- and blockchain-related courses are starting to appear in several universities.

Bitcoin and Crypto Related Courses

Bitcoin was able to generate an important interest among investors and people all over the world. But there are some things that remain no clear for most of them. We are talking about some technical topics that may be more complicated for most of us.

This has created an increase in the demand of courses that have a focus on these new currencies and technologies. Some years ago, the options were just a few, now, there is a bigger offer.

According to an article published by the local magazine, Revista Fortuna, the Universidad de Alcalá, started in 2017 to offer a Master in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Crypto Economy.

The first of these courses had 25 interested pupils, and the second edition may have the presence of over 50 individuals. At the same time, the Universidad Europea de Madrid, is currently offering post-graduate studies in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.

But the amount of universities that have crypto-related courses has been expanding in other countries outside Spain. We can mention Brazil and Argentina, for example.

At the faculty of Economy and Administration in Sao Pablo, cryptocurrencies are now a new subject that pupils need to approve during their career. Moreover, another university in the same city, has plans to offer a Magister in digital currencies.

In Argentina, another important country related to the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires – also known as ITBA – is offering a Bachelor’s Degree in cryptoeconomy, blockchain, smart contracts and virtual currencies.

In other parts of the world, including Russia, the United States and Europe, there is an important offer of cryptocurrency educational courses. There are different universities that are offering similar lessons about the latest technologies.

At the moment, the world is trying to integrate and adopt virtual currencies in the best possible way. The intention is to let investors place their funds in cryptos but avoiding all the possible problems around them.

Currently, new regulations are being discussed and may be able to change the way in which people relates with these assets.

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