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cryptocurrency trading

It’s no doubt that cryptocurrency trading has made many people rich overnight and at the same time, turned some into despots.

Their difference? The ability to identify the right investment at the right time – when to buy, when to hold, and when to sell. The high risks of cryptocurrency trading, the cumbersome charts, and scary figures shy a lot of potential traders away – one can get a heart attack just by looking at a cryptocurrency trading chart.

Interestingly, a lot of people are getting into cryptocurrency trading and usage and are asking the same questions: how to make use of crypto data and charts, and how to make the maximum benefits trading cryptocurrencies?

Unfortunately, existing cryptocurrency exchanges have only one goal: to get as many crypto traders as possible. The needs of crypto traders to learn? Isn’t part of the existing exchanges’ goals.

If you are a cryptocurrency trader, you don’t want to bet your investment in such volatile environment. You need to learn to play the game and then once you get good, you can go all in.

So Niffler created the ideal solution.

Niffler.co offers three unique features: a cryptocurrency trading platform, a free crypto community that helps educate folks interested in understanding the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrencies, and a platform that allows experienced traders to earn income by sharing their knowledge.

As its founders dub it, Niffler.co is “Coinbase meets Patreon, without the risk”. This is how:

Free money to start cryptocurrency trading

Niffler provides free $100k in play money to be used in a live and real-time crypto exchange. Thus, crypto traders get access to Niffler’s trading platform with a $100k in play money for simulated cryptocurrency trading. Apart from serving as a learning path for crypto traders, Niffler’s simulated trading money helps traders avoid the high risks of investing their own capital in a real-world exchange.

Trade or teach others and earn

Once simulated traders get good, they can now invest in the trading of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, expert traders can earn from their knowledge by teaching others how to become excellent crypto traders.

Niffler’s ‘Proof of Experience’ to sort the crowd

Aspiring traders would have to showcase their knowledge on cryptocurrency trading by sharing their knowledge on Niffler’s trading platform, providing information on the basis of their decision to buy, hold, or sell. This criterion will be used to give “trader” status to aspiring traders with a track record of high or excellent performance, giving them the go-ahead to teach others by setting their own rates with 5% going to Niffler.

The Niffler crypto trading “Resume”

In the cryptocurrency space, there are a lot of buzzword users who don’t have anything to showcase as their trading prowess. Niffler’s platform provides rankings for trading experts and earning badges – which can be used by traders to showcase their knowledge and to tell the community that they are not just “talkers” but “doers”. You can call it a crypto trading CV.

Niffler’s Launch and RoadMap

For now, Niffler will focus on training would-be cryptocurrency traders and help those who perfect the game to earn by training others – it will be a community of learners, traders, and earners. Niffler will soft-lauch in September this year with its pre-registered users of 3,000. During the launch, it will offer simulated exchanges for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin with plans to include as many altcoins as possible once it scales its operations in the near future.

In the long term, Niffler will not just help potential traders learn, trade, and teach others, it will also offer an ecosystem for traders to master a particular crypto exchange. Thus other trading platforms like Coinbase will be allowed to pay for a “skin” on Niffler.co, proving a learning gateway to other trading platforms.


Cryptocurrency trading is a risky endeavor and Niffler.co helps bootstrap newbies and veteran crypto enthusiasts into trade experts – who get to understand and make use of all the charts and data for better decision making and for maximum returns.

For cryptocurrencies to become mainstream, people needs to be educated on how the ecosystem works, from trading to using cryptos for payment, and Niffler.co takes on that responsibility.

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