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Telegram’s Initial Coin Offering is much anticipated and is the biggest ICO for 2018 so far. Many analysts have reported that Telegram’s cryptocurrency TON can achieve a 200$ billion market cap in five years. Currently compared to the leaders, 200$ billion market cap could mean that TON will be in the top 5 in the next years.

Other expert cryptocurrency analysts are saying that the company’s Initial Coin Offering is probably overvalued. Reports about the Telegram’s campaign and goal for the ICO have varied heavily. Some have speculated that the hard cap is as high as 2.6$ billion, but all can agree that the ICO will break many records for token selling. If you want to read more about Telegram and why it won our number one spot for Top 5 ICOs that can make you a millionaire click the article.

Telegram Initial Coin Offering

A former managing director at quantitative investment firm AQR Capital Management, Aaron Brown told Bloomberg that Gram, the native token of the Telegram Open Network (TON) can achieve 200$ billion market cap in four to five years. This incredible growth can net investors significant profits.

For this to happen, many factors must come together. Brown stated that according to him 300 million people will be using cryptocurrencies in five years. This increased adoption can raise the total market cap to around 5$ trillion. According to his estimates Telegram can attract four to five percent of the total market cap to its platform.

Nothing is certain and many key factors must align for this to happen. If Telegram platforms can attract a good ratio of transaction balances, Gram’s market cap can easily reach 200$ billion. This will require users to average 100,000$ of annual value exchange which is not a small figure to reach in the current cryptocurrency transaction volumes. Aaron Brown stressed that this forecast is the best-case scenario and said:

“This would make it roughly one-third the size of giant internet companies, which is consistent with my estimate that crypto will be one-third the value of internet businesses… But that is the good case, and there are a lot of uncertainties about reaching it.”

Brown said that, according to his best case scenario estimates, Gram can launch with 1$ billion valuation. However this estimation doesn’t make it clear whether this figure refers to the cryptocurrency project as a whole or just the tokens that are distributed through the Initial Coin Offering that will be in circulation. Aaron Brown said:

“When I adjust for the other plausible cases and general crypto valuations, I came up with numbers like 1$ billion, and declined to participate (reasons other than the price)”

Coinstaker’s opinion on Telegram

There are many opinions on the Telegram ICO as it is the most famous Initial Coin Offering for this year. 1$ billion market capitalization is a very impressive mark that a cryptocurrency can reach at launching. The information and data can be read in different ways. Some people think that investors are just following the biggest players and this could indicate that investors are paying a premium price to access the ICO.

It is possible that the enormous demand for the ICO and the big number of participants could be bad for the cryptocurrency at first. If too many people are buying in the ICO just for quick profits and to cash out instantly, hoping for instant profits, this can initiate a snow balling avalanche of selling that could hurt Telegrams cryptocurrency price at first. This can be the worst case scenario.

If you’ve followed our articles, you probably know that Telegram was our number one choice for Top 5 ICOs that can make you a millionaire. With an enormous user base, great Telegram team that will integrate TON into their apps and will constantly improve the project could mean that TON would instantly become one of the world’s most widely used cryptocurrencies.

Telegram has the potential of reshaping the cryptocurrency community and industry. With a well-known brand and strong players in the digital arena, Telegram is still looking very promising. If you want to read more on Telegram and the other 4 from the Top 5 ICOs that might make you a millionaire list, click this article.

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