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When people think upgrade, they often imagine a 15 to 40% boost in performance. Especially when it comes to CPU/VGU or mining upgrades, the upgrades have rarely more than doubled the tech’s performance. Bitstamp is planning to change that and get a massive tech upgrade.

The crypto exchange will get a brand new matching engine. This engine will be developed by Cinnober. The global provider of exchange and clearing tech has mostly clients invested in the tradition stock and commodity markets.

Bitstamp’s in-house matching engine will be completely replaced by the TRADEXpress Trading system. The announcement came on November 5th and unveiled how drastically this tech upgrade will affect Bitstamp.

Calculations point that the new system will increase Bitstamp’s capacity to match order. Considering December is looming on the horizon, the tech upgrade will be extremely important because of end-year market rallies.

According to David Osojnik, Bitstamp’s CTO:

“The order match speed is expected to be 1250 times faster and the throughput will be increased by 400 times. The increased throughput will ensure the platform meets any level of demand. Bitstamp’s match engine managed to pull through during last year’s incredibly massive rally so this tech upgrade will ensure the trading is not disturbed by any means.”

The tech upgrade will be here sooner than experts predicted

Implementation of the new matching engine will be completed in a couple of phases. The first changes are expected to take place in the beginning of 2019 and the engine is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of July.

This is an exciting new chapter in Bitstamp’s history as the company was founded way back in 2011. It now has branches in the United States, London, Luxembourg and Slovenia.

The company also was one of the first crypto exchanges to acquire a payment institution license in the European Union back in 2016. According to many experts this new trading system will be yet another for Bitstamp in the way of solidifying its position as a bridge between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.

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