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stellar to buy blockchain firm Chain

Crypto creators are doing their very best to keep their heads in the game in this ever-competitive market, and that requires making moves; some of which are gold nuggets in themselves and some of which are just meh. Just a week ago one crypto firm purchased a torrenting website in an aid to boost its business transaction, as to how that works out is yet to be determined. In the light of such events, Stellar is also going all out to purchase a firm.

Reports are that the said firm to be purchased by Stellar is a blockchain geared firm that’s based in San Francisco by the name of Chain. The same firm that came up Sequence, a software that allows firms to tokenise their financial assets on their own private ledgers and later distribute them on public networks.

Should Stellar’s deal go through, the firm will see Sequence gradually make its (Stellar) ecosystem available to its users.  This could mean that the Stellar Lumens would now be a token option for organisations should they want to tokenise some of their financial assets. Theoretically, it could be good business for Stellar as many people will now be able to use the token or at least find a near to real life use for the token. If that should be the turn out, then Stellar could see an appreciation in value as most people will begin to trade in it. The purchase of a same-level. Nonetheless, all of this is not certain. In fact, the main idea behind the push for a purchase by Stellar is still unknown.

In the event of the deal being successful, the Stellar Lumens will become an official coin for trading in the on Sequence. This will be a real test of viability for the Stellar token. The success or failure of this operation could either make or break Stellar forever. What is being touted is that there are firms who believe in this vision of Stellar and are ready to invest big in it, some $43 million per reports.

Purchasing blockchain related firms or assets or even investing in blockchain at the moment is becoming a mainstream thing for most tech and financial companies as many of them believe the “incorruptible distributed ledger is the tech of the future”. We have seen Microsoft stick it head into that blockchain hole, so have IBM, and Walmart and several other multimillion companies.

With the market in its present condition, the best moves could be to make decisions that will keep them (Stellar) still afloat, still have their name in the news, stay active in the system lest people forget about them. Stellar hasn’t been one of the big coins; not this year, not even before this year. Apparently, it is still playing underdog in the crypto world. As to how long this will be, depends largely on the leadership, and if they want their coin to be taken seriously then they will have to start making some very serious and forward-looking decisions; of which this may be a precursor to.

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