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ICO has become a commonplace term for investors in recent times. There are two sides to the coin. On one side, it is a very profitable medium for the raising of capital for companies that are innovative and have a clear vision and plan of action. On the other side is the fact that because ICO’s are based on blockchains, there are lots of risks involved. Thus, making the right decision with respect to what ICO to invest in is very key to building a future of wealth.

Many ICO’s have had ground-breaking results and turn-outs, proving that blockchain technology is indeed a big threat to the very orthodox business models that exist at present. But just because they are lucrative does not mean that one is to dive headlong into them. Anyone who seeks to invest in an ICO must first of all invest time in getting to know the very nature of the business that ICO is been used to raise funds for as well as what its vision and mission also is. Understanding the business’ target market too is very key. This is because the business the ICO is been used to raise funds for must have a particular market it aims to provide its services for or to.

Smart Contracts On Blockchains Been Used on Sports Betting Platform

The cryptocurrency is beginning to get choked with ICOs from every industry. Gambling (whatever industry you would put it under) is one of the many things that is becoming popular on blockchains. Gambling used to be a thing that was done undercover, secretly. Well, that was until casinos came to make it look like it was normal to gamble and that there was nothing really wrong with it. It is a thing that growing uncharacteristically very fast – faster than people ever thought. One very notable contribution to this growth was the introduction of online gambling. Sports betting is one area that has not reached its full potential in terms of its use of the internet, most analysts believe. Even though sports betting agencies like MyBet, Superbet, SafariBet introduced online betting for their customers quite a while ago, this was just the beginning of something even greater. A new sports betting platform is giving people who are willing o patronize it the chance of something even greater and never before done; the chance of betting absolutely incognito.

Talk to people who bet big time in millions of dollars or pounds or euros all strive for one thing – absolute privacy. That kind of betting in which you are completely anonymous and untraceable. This is where XWIN steps into the picture.

XWIN is a sports betting platform that uses smart contracts in a decentralized form on Ethereum for gambling… as well as still maintaining its transparency. XWIN tokens are very easy to get and also very accessible. Being a participant of this XWIN ICO grants you the chance to be a partaker in developing a crypto-bookmaker platform which is said to reward 20% of its profit margin to its investors.

XWIN’s bookmaker business has undeniably a vast potential in income generation. XWIN has its margins per bet to be from 6% to 20%. This margin is controlled remotely after it has been transferred to the smart contract account of XWIN. Below are the details for how the profit margin is distributed

20% income distribution between investors

20% administration & maintenance

25% guarantee fund (player payments)

35% PR, marketing & advertising.

It is very important to enter such a novel at a very early stage as it gives you the investor a whole lot of advantages such as a pioneer aimed privilege as well as some lucrative commissions also. This ICO works on the base of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain in an effort to ensure transparency, safe transactions, a 24/7 investment control system, sustainability and finally a streamlined investment potential.

The sale of XWin tokens was open by XWIN last year and lasts till the 30th of January 2018 despite the pre ICO been shut down on the 31st of December last year. The ICO itself begun on January 1st 2018. The XWin tokens are still available for investors to purchase since the platform is in its development phase. If you are interested in getting one of these tokens you might have to get some ethereum cryptocoins first. Each XWin token costs 0.003 ETH.


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