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SPINDLE is the official utility token to be used on the blockchain-based investment / asset management platform SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various investment options at a high level of transparency. SPINDLE believes that establishing a fair relationship between investors and asset managers is the best way to remove investors’ vague sense of unease about investment and encourage involvement in proactive asset management. With this in mind, SPINDLE aims to serve as a bridge providing transparent access to cryptocurrency fund investment for individual users, and extended exposure to cryptocurrency fund managers.

ICO Status: Finished

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SPINDLE is the first match-making platform for private investors and cryptocurrency funds where users will be able to compare transparent information about each crypto fund and connect with asset managers to help diversify and grow their investments.
SPINDLE aims to provide a comprehensive space that enables everyone, regardless of their background and experience, to get involved in proactive investment independently.

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Raised Capital:
60,000 ETH

Venture Round:
ICO Stage Venture Round

1 SPD = 0.00033 ETH
ICO token Distribution:

Institutional investors - 5%, Team Token - 15%, Regal & Advisary - 5%, Private Presale - 25%, Main Sale - 40%, M&A Buyback & Options - 10%

Spindle ICO

Soft Cap (in ETH): 60,000 ETH (It is already achieved in Private Pre Sale)

Hard Cap (in ETH): 1,581,000 ETH

Total Supply (in your tokens): 10,000,000,000 SPD

Supply for ICO (in your tokens): 3,700,000,000 SPD for crowdsale / 2,500,000,000 SPD for private sale

Token Distribution after the ICO: 2,500,000,000 SPD

Token Distribution during ICO: 1,200,000,000 SPD

SPD will serve as a base in the ecosystem of ZETA.

On ZETA-1, the payment for premium services like legal advice, auditing, and other consulting services are made in SPD. On ZETA-2, users can follow any user or fund transactions in a trustless manner, when they need to pay the transaction fees in SPD to the followed user/fund. The followed user can decide the transaction fees at will. On Zeta-3, users can lend or borrow SPD at a designated rate. Each user can refer to dispersed credit scoring calculated by ZETA-3, so malicious users will be naturally cast out, while users with high credit scores can participate in active, more challenging investment. At this stage, traders with many followers can obtain a large amount of SPD, which in turn will be lent to another user. The borrower will have an opportunity to invest with the seed SPD, and benevolent cycles will be created.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Spindle
ICO Launch:
9th of May 2018

ICO Finish:
15th of May 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

Offices and Locations of the Spindle

Team behind SPINDLE

Masamitsu Hirai


Masamitsu Hirai

President & CEO

A graduate of the Hosei University Faculty of Business Administration, Masamitsu Hirai engaged in forming investment funds and advising on investment strategy in a financial Membersat Funai Soken Holdings Inc. (TSE:9757). He then became CEO of an independent investment management company in Japan and then became a fund manager and the head of derivatives at a Malaysian hedge fund. He is now the CEO of Bullion Japan Inc. and the president and CEO of our company.

  Takashi Koga


Takashi Koga

Executive Director

After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law, Takashi Koga joined Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, and then worked at an independent investment advisory firm where he was in charge of analyzing international financial situations, developing investment strategies in East and Southeast Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore, and structuring general finance. He is now the executive director of our company.

  Masashi Sakuma


Masashi Sakuma


After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce, Masashi Sakuma worked as a certified public accountant, tax accountant and inheritance diagnosis consultant. Upon graduation, he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, where he was tasked with auditing in the international department. In 1997, he joined Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office, where he was in charge of accounting and tax management with regards to derivatives and liquidation etc. Afterwards, he worked in the investment banking department of HSBC Securities Tokyo branch and then in the investment banking department of J.P. Morgan Tokyo branch, where he was responsible for providing financial advice on domestic and cross-border M&A, and capital funding. In 2004, he joined Fields Corporation (JASDAQ: 2767), where he was responsible for a wide range of tasks including strategic corporate investment and group organization restructuring as the manager in charge of business development, operating officer and the manager of the corporate development department, and operating officer and manager of the planning administration division in charge of IR. In 2008, he established Sada Partners and became the president and CEO. Then, while continuing his roles at Sada Partners, he established EMZ Accounting Group and has become its president and CEO. He is also the auditor of our company.

  Gackt Oshiro


Gackt Oshiro

Asia Strategic Advisor

Gackt Oshiro debuted as the vocalist of the world renowned, legendary band “MALICE MIZER”. In 1999 he became a solo artist under the name of “GACKT”, began self-producing himself and achieved results beyond music. Gackt released 48 CD singles and 19 albums, still holding the record today for having the most number of TOP 10 singles awarded to a male solo artist. In addition to music, he began starring in Hollywood, Japanese, Asian movies as well as TV dramas, and has worked a voiceover actor in Hollywood movies, animation, and world-renowned games. Gackt has fans across wide range of age groups globally. He earns the highest audience ratings during annual New Year’s Day TV programs and is synonymous with the term “first class”, in name and reputation. He ranks among the top in male artists who draw advertising and TV commercial clients, representing a wide range of products from security systems to food. He is also a successful fashion designer. Being highly familiar with various industries, his involvement is not limited to appearances in advertisements, but he has also produced and launched a number of products and projects, successfully sending them out into the world. He is a worldwide influencer and continues activities with global reach. His social media followers reach 1.7 million on LINE, 900,000 on Twitter, 500,000 on Instagram, and 500,000 on Facebook with fans in Europe, Asia and America. He is fluent in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean), and moved to Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong in 2012. He is also actively involved in business investments across Asian countries. He has managed to establish intimate relationships with governments and royal families in many countries, and is currently establishing a position as a bridge strategist as well as a business influencer in Asian countries and is leading Japanese and foreign corporate marketing.

  Lina Seiche


Lina Seiche

PR Manager/Evangelist

After serving as the social media manager and music journalist for a German culture magazine, Seiche made the move to Malaysia to study under GACKT, a Japanese musician. Through studying the economy, art and language, she assumed the position of chief manager for G&I Asia Bridge Partnerz, and opened the TOKYO CANDY FACTORY in Kuala Lumpur. At SPINDLE, she will be in charge of PR activities to the world, and will also raise product awareness.

  Seiji Yoshizaki


Seiji Yoshizaki

Strategic Advisor

Real Estate Economist/President of Housing, Real Estate Institute Upon graduating from Waseda University Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law, and Rikkyo University’s Master’s Program, he joined Funai Consulting Inc., as a senior consultant, and later became a manager in charge of the real estate business Membersand the basic research team. Afterwards, he became the president of De-Sign Real Estate Institute prior to his current position. Currently, he is responsible for data analysis in the fields of real estate and housing, market forecasting and consultation for businesses while being invited to give more than 30 lectures every year, from leading mass media organizations, including national and regional newspapers. He is the author of 10 books, including The Knack of Managing Rental Houses Based on Data (February 2016), 2020—Upheaval in the Housing Market (Asahi Shimbun Publications, Inc.) and People who Buy Depleted Condos, People who Buy Condos with High Asset Value (Seishun Shinsho).


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