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Blockchain technology is being embraced in several countries, but in Spain the trend is even stronger. This revolutionizing technology is changing the way in which companies and governments work. The technological corporation Tecnalia, is now working with blockchain technology and experimenting with it.

Spain Moves Towards Blockchain Technology

Óscar Lage, blockchain technology responsible at Tecnalia, says that they prioritize the projects that are able to change the world.

About it he commented:

“We prioritize projects that can change the world. There are people that want to do something with blockchain, without even knowing what. And we work with them to explore their limits.”

However, there are some problems around these technologies. For example, Bitcoin (BTC), the most important virtual currency in the market, is not regulated in some countries. Europe is still working in proper regulations to control cryptocurrencies.

At CoinStaker we have written several times about Spain’s intentions to regulate the space. However, it is not so easy to do it. At the European level there are no common regulations that apply for every country.

Óscar Lage works in order to offer blockchain infrastructure to companies that are interested on it. At Tecnalia, Lage creates possibilities for firms to adopt the technology and also on how to implement it.

They also want to gain exposure in Spain and in Europe. He mentions that it is very important for companies to perfectly understand how blockchain works and how they can benefit from it. Although it is an exciting job, the responsibilities are also important.

One of the many entrepreneurs that contacted Tecnalia is Patxi Echeveste. He wants to improve how the technology is changing smart homes. With it, it would be possible for individuals to control the place where they live in a seamless way.

At Tecnalia they inform that it is a very difficult process for companies to embrace the technology. This is why they explain that they work in a very hard way to innovate in the best possible way.

Tecnalia is one of the many companies that is working in the European country to improve the crypto and blockchain world. There are several interesting proposals that appeared in the last years and that could play an important role in the future of the space.

For example, BBVA has signed a partnership with the energy company Repsol in order to develop financial solutions using distributed ledger technology. The companies negotiated a long-term credit line that is worth €325 million. With the agreement, the bank could perform transactions that took several days to be settled in just a few seconds.


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