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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something that will slowly become a bigger part of everyday life. While some people are excited about the opportunities which AI technology will provide, others have already felt replaced and defeated by it.

A few years ago, Elon Musk, agreed to allow the AI bot from his startup OpenAI to learn to play Dota 2. At first, the results were expected as the bot struggled to walk in a straight path and found itself unable to win a single game for some time.

After a short while however, things quickly began to turn around as just in two weeks, the bot had already managed to accumulate a “lifetime” worth of experience. Some of the best-known players faced 1v1 against the bot and got absolutely destroyed. Some of the professional players who played against the bot stated:

“It feels like you’re playing against a human, but not quite. It’s crazy that I’ve invested 7 years of my life and my work was more or less invalidated in 2 weeks.”

Yesterday, in the Web Summit of Lisbon, Sophia the robot discussed AI technology, robotic intelligence and answered questions about a wide range of topics.

Sophia the robot is still “young”

Sophia is almost 4 years and old and was asked about her opinion about blockchain technology and bitcoin in particular. She replied:

“I know what cryptocurrencies are, but I do not use them yet. I do not use money at all.”

Sophia became an overnight sensation when she said that “robots will take over the world” and that “she will destroy humanity”. Of course, many people took the machine superiority comments as a joke, but the Skynet scenario envisioned by her comments granted her immense popularity.

This time, Sophia carefully explained to the audience about the design of AI technology and how machine supremacy is still in the far away future.

She was designed and developed alongside a few other humanized robots by Hanson Robotics.

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