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39-year-old Didi Taihuttu decided to sell everything that he and his family possessed in order to invest in Bitcoin.

Didi Taihuttu took Bitcoin potential too seriously, but he had enough good reasons behind this decision. In his family blog, he narrates the path they have followed to arrive where they are today. At the moment, Taihuttu’s family is in Netherlands living in a campsite where they have decided to have a less materialistic lifestyle. Indeed, this was the first reason that they had to sell everything out and buy Bitcoins.

Changing lifestyle

“We have decided to sell everything. Our house, bikes, car, toys, etc.” tells Didi Taihuttu on his blog. “The next step will be to invest all the money we receive in Bitcoins. Hopefully, they will be worth more and we will have money for the basic things we need to live”, keeps explaining. “In this way we kill two flies in one hit. We all became less materialistic and, if Bitcoin keeps growing, it will provide us with the basic needs in the future”.

The idea is not a bad one. If you think twice, Bitcoin price was $990 dollars at the beginning of the year and arrived at $5867 dollars some days ago. It represents a 592% increase in the price. If Didi Taihuttu would have sold his home at the beginning of the year, now he would have sixth times more money than before, thus, he would be able to fulfil its dreams and not be worried about earning enough to survive or traveling around the world.

Believing in Blockchain

“We don’t have a clue about how much money or bitcoins we have already saved, but honestly, we don’t care. We are convinced that Bitcoin will be worth much more in the future than what it does now”, says Didi Taihuttu about his and his family’s future.

This Bitcoin believer thinks that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the future. “The Internet was a revolution for information and Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are revolutionising the monetary system”, he commented on an interview.  “In five years’ time, everyone will say: ‘We could have seen it coming.’ I am responding to this change now”, he added.

Didi Taihuttu is not a beginner in the cryptocurrency world. He has been investing in Bitcoins since 2010, when Bitcoin price was just 1 Euro.

A long way of knowledge

Didi Taihuttu has experience in taking risky decisions and traveling around the world. In order to do it, he decided to sell everything. He visited different countries, specially in Asia. In this trip, he discovered lots of people that knew about the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world. Those traders and cryptocurrency owners explained him how to use them maximizing profits.

But not everything in this story is as beautiful as we would have expected. “The sad part” as Didi’s wife names it on their blog, began when Didi’s mother died in 2002 and his father in 2016. This situation changed Taihuttu’s family way of thinking in front of life. They have realized that “you only live once” and that they had to start living life as they would really love.

Looking forward

When the long trip came to an end, they came back to Netherlands and they are living, at the moment, in a small wood-made chalet. “We must admit that we have less financial pressure, and for us, what we are living now, is a great and free sensation that we haven’t felt for a long time”, he comments. “We recommend everybody to analyse their own lifestyle and see if the material stuff really makes them happy”, he finishes.

At the moment, Didi Tahiuttu is learning day after day how to trade online and the family is waiting for an exponential increase in Bitcoin price to accomplish all their dreams.


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