The Malware Smominru is known for mining Monero (XMR) and having a very large infection rate. Projections show that there are at least 500 000 infected personal computers.

According to the cybersecurity company Carbon Black however, it seems that Smominru has received a major upgrade.

The company’s Threat Analysis Unit seems to have discovered that a new component has been added to the malware. This new component enables Smominru to now steal system access information.

The report states that the stolen information is almost always found on the dark web for a price. This also seems to be part of bigger trend in the development of malware.

Smominru can evolve further

The discovery by Carbon Black indicates that a bigger trend of commodity malware evolves to mask a far more sinister purpose than just stealing hash power to mine crypto. This is something that will entirely change the way in which cybersecurity companies classify, investigate and take action against such malware threats.

According to the report, the initial discovery happened during an investigation into anomalous activity that was noticed across a handful of endpoints. During the investigation, it was discovered by the analysts that the malware was indeed quite sophisticated. It was sending very detailed system metadata do a network of stolen web servers.

Researchers believe that this discovery will have massive implications for the cybersecurity space in the near future. Most experts believe that this will discovery will serve as the catalyst for a much-needed upgrade in the cybersecurity space.

Last week, analysts from Zscaler ThreatLabZ located a new remote access trojan (RAT). This new RAT has the ability to capture the administrative control of a computer and scan its entire history for activity related to crypto, social media and credit card usage.

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