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smart cities

Many of us have wondered how the cities of the future will look like? While some imagine incredibly advanced scenarios like in Star Trek, others have already started making today look like tomorrow.

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The benefits of Smart Cities

Smart cities will have almost all services automated. This includes but is not limited to public service, hotels and restaurants, traffic, document circulation and many more. The concept of such a city is that the IoT (Internet of Things) will optimize the everyday efficiency of every urban process and will be connected to the residents 24/7.

To put it more simply, blockchain technology can be integrated into our everyday lives and increase our quality of life very much and very quick. China, the United States and Dubai are already testing the communication between smart infrastructure sensors. Digital technologies will be the engine on which economic progress will be built on and blockchain is one of the most important parts of that engine.

It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be more than 500 smart cities in the world and by 2025, they will account for about 50% of the world’s GDP. In the US blockchain technology is already being utilized for more than just management of databases and operating cryptocurrencies.

The state of Delaware announced the Delaware Blockchain Initiative in 2016. The program used smart contracts in the private and public sectors of the state. The program was a step in preventing future tax-related problems and record tampering. 2017 saw the launch fo the Illinois Blockchain Iniviative. The program calls for state agencies to cooperate in exploring innovations presented in distributed ledger technology.

There are also plans for the use of blockchain in the transformation of public and private services. Later this year West Virginia will launch the blockchain based pilot version to conduct mobile voting in the 2018 regional elections. New York also has the Microgrid project which will essentially allow citizens to buy and sell electricity produced by solar panels.

Smart Cities in Asia and the Middle East

China on the other hand has incredibly large plans to create over 1000 smart cities. The technologies and the data collected are focused on improving every citizen’s life. The city of Yinchuan has stopped using traditional payments. You can use your face, instead of documents and passes. Shopping has also received a major upgrade since all products are ordered through a mobile app. China and other Asian countries currently have a very strong stance on cryptocurrencies.

Despite the negative stance, the government still believes in the future of the technology. A new digital era is beginning in China, which will give big impetus to blockchain development.

When it comes to digital progress, Dubai is without a doubt at the top of the world today. The lightning speed acceptance of innovations resulted in flying taxis, Wi-Fi benches, smart sensors and unmanned trains. The government is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to innovations and want to turn the city into the first smart megapolis by 2020.

The government has implemented the Smart City program. This resulted in Dubai being ranked first in the number of projects with the use of blockchain. The program launched in 2014 and saw the implementation of more than 500 projects. Many of them are responsible for the way visitors and citizens interact with the city.

There are also plans to completely remove paper documentation. All public and private document circulation will be digital. By rough estimates an implementation of a blockchain program into the urban infrastructure will save around $1 billion and 25 million man-hours.The incredibly increased efficiency in document processing will completely remove queues from government institutions.

These innovations will take time. Maybe even years before blockchain, AI and IoT will interact together in great efficiency. However, even if this journey is long, the reward in the end will benefit us all.

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