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By converting in-game premium currency into cryptocurrency, SKARA opens up a burgeoning in-game economy to the greater world. Players and non-players alike can buy, sell, trade and even bet thanks to the power of the blockchain.

ICO Status: Running

Imagine getting real value while playing your favorite game. In SKARA you can now do this legally. Video games have experimented with purely digital currencies and digital assets for years, often with great success. However, until the advent of blockchain technology, these economies existed in official isolation to the real economy. It is time to change this. SKARA is one of the first games to overcome this barrier by creating a new cryptocurrency in the form of an ERC-20 token based off the Ethereum blockchain called a SKARAT (SKARA Token - SKT), which can be traded on the open market. Through this new vehicle, participants in the SKARA community will be able to buy, sell and trade in-game assets without having to go to shady black markets.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Round A Venture Round

500 SKRT = 1 ETH
ICO token Distribution:

50% of the proceeds will be used for R&D including the blockchain implementation, creating our tournaments and betting platform. We estimate this cost to vary between €1m to €5m. 35% will be used for Marketing to grow our already existing community. 10% of the proceeds will be used for Operations in order to continue the development of the SKARA Universe by adding a single player mode and a mobile companion app. 5% will be spent on Administrative & Legal costs.


20,000,000 tokens will be created and no more. Every game-to-player operation with SKARATs leads to 50% tokens being burned, which decreases the total supply of SKARATs and increases the market value of each individual SKARAT. Therefore, for the SKARAT holders, the gain in value lies in the potential increase of SKARATs price on the market from the constant demand from players, other cryptocurrency investors and the game server itself, acting on behalf of its players who wish to purchase SKARATs.

SKARATs and valuable game items will be stored in a decentralized blockchain on the user’s dedicated Ether wallet. The game will allow the user to link his blockchain identity (wallet) to his account in SKARA. Accounting for game assets through the blockchain allows the users to take the value of their game items outside of the SKARA universe. By having the freedom to buy, trade and sell items, Skara assets (including SKARATs) become even more collectible and valuable.

Skara shows hot to create trust and transparency in the digital game asset space in what was previously a 'black' market by turning our in-game premium currency into cryptocurrency. Since the tokens apply chiefly to the SKARA franchise, it is not in competition with other members of the ecosystem, but it does allow for people to gain value from our game in a much more dramatic manner. We are also using our tokens to develop a unique eSports focused betting solution.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering SKARA
ICO Launch:
8th of February 2018

ICO Finish:
23rd of February 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

Offices and Locations of the SKARA
London, UK and Barcelona, Spain

Team behind SKARA

Cesar Ortega


Cesar Ortega


Co-Founder and CFO. Cesar is an Engineer with an MBA from The University of Oxford. He has more than ten years’ experience as an investor in tech startups and in Business Development in the financial services industry.

Pablo Rodriguez


Pablo Rodriguez

CEO, Co-Founder

CEO, Co-Founder and Studio Head, Pablo has a BA in Fine Arts and has worked on SKARA for the last six years. He has 15 years’ experience developing video games from concept to market and teaches a Master in Video Games at Alicante University.

Victor Moreno


Victor Moreno


Victor is a full-stack Engineer with a focus on Research and Development. Victor has a deep passion for crypto technology and video games. He has worked with Pablo since 2009 and recently rejoined the the team af ter sending an iPhone into space on Project Horizon. Victor studied Engineering at ETSEIB in Spain and a earned a Masters of Engineering at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Marc Boulesteix


Marc Boulesteix


Marc has 7 years’ experience working with video games, with a specialisation in free to play online ecosystems. He holds a Masters in Business and Marketing from ESEISA University in Barcelona.

James Roy Poulter


James Roy Poulter


James began his career in finance at EY, moving people, capital and companies around the world. A Chartered Accountant, he was recognised in the 35 Chartered Accountants under 35, as well as Forbes 30 Under 30, whilst having a technical background as a Developer in Residence at Playfair Capital – an early stage venture capital firm in London.

Eric Murillo


Eric Murillo


Former director for Twitch Spain, Eric has more than 10 years working on eSports and many more as a professional gamer. He is one of the most respected and influential personalities in the industry


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