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Silicon Valley is a place known for innovation, opportunity and development.

Innovation is always magnetizing and enviable. Throughout history, the places which offered the best innovations and ideas attracted the smartest and richest people. The whole world is impressed by the development of Zug and many countries have already started working on their own crypto cities.

Silicon Valley on the other hand, became famous around the 70’s. The huge number of technology companies who headquartered there grew ever since. Today, it’s one of the wealthiest and most innovative regions in the world. A true center of technological innovation. 39 Fortune 1000 companies are headquartered there.

Silicon Valley strides for innovations within innovations

Needless to say, such a region will pose a huge interest to crypto related companies. The most valuable company in the industry, Bitmain, has recently opened a huge office in Silicon Valley.

The office space is around 20 000 square feet and is located in downtown San Jose, CA. To many experts, this move by the China-based mining giant is not surprising. The move was even launched ahead of the IPO. While China is still researching crypto, it’s completely normal that the North American expansion of Bitmain happens when the market is shaky.

Uncertainty is a worry for every company, no matter how huge and with the industry’s questionable future in China, Bitmain are opening mining centers in both Washington state and Quebec.

One of the more recent and well known investment of Bitmain was in the Opera web browser. Opera has the highest percent usage in Africa. Several other mobile money platforms based in the continent were also acquired by the Norwegian company. Following the news of investment, Opera announced the integration of a native Etherium wallet into the browser.

With the massive increase of interest for cryptocurrency related projects around the world, it won’t be long until cities like Zug start popping up in every country. The requirement for innovation and development is at an all-time high, especially in developing countries. It would be great to see companies like Bitmain spread the many benefits of blockchain technology throughout developing countries.

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