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There is something to be said for simplicity, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. Tracking portfolios, managing deposits, handling withdrawals, watching the market with an eagle investor eye – these tasks take time and often bring new meaning to the word ‘complicated’. Imagine for a moment that this was not the case, that the cryptocurrency investor could bring ease and control to their fingertips with an app that supports connections to major exchanges for free. This is Delta, a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app that’s designed for efficiency, understands simplicity and aims to save crypto investors’ time.

“The cryptocurrency market is volatile and investors need instant visibility and timely alerts across all their portfolios so they can make better investment decisions,” says Filip Minev, CTO and co-founder of Delta. “Delta has been designed to simplify cryptocurrency portfolio tracking, providing essential insight into investments and market shifts.”

The Delta app was launched in October 2017, giving users the ability to keep track of all crypto coins, from Bitcoin to Ethereum to more than 3000 altcoins. It has already attracted almost one million crypto investors who are using the app to track their portfolios, check coin prices and follow market charts on demand. It has also undergone extensive upgrades since its launch, each one adding a new flavour to the tool and the two most recent – Delta 1.6 and Delta 1.7 – have introduced some impressive new features.

The first of these is the Exchange Account Connections feature. This beautifully designed feature automatically imports exchange transactions while providing insight and visibility into portfolios, at no extra cost. The new Exchange Account API imports allow investors to set up exchange accounts and import transactions automatically. It is also able to detect transaction types and adjust balances, account for transaction fees when transferring funds and provides a clear snapshot of the investor’s portfolio on demand. Using the transfer form, users can transfer from wallet to wallet, exchange to wallet, exchange to exchange, airdrops, mining, forks and dividends.

It’s a mouthful of a feature, but perfect for the investor to chew on. After all, now they have the time that’s been freed up by Delta. By including functionalities that connect user accounts to several exchanges, provide insights and automatically handle transactions, the app is also giving them the space they need to make the most out of their investments.

“Our goal is to equip users with the best functionalities so they can achieve their investment goals,” says Nicolas Van Hoorde, CEO and co-founder of Delta. “When you consider how volatile and dynamic the cryptocurrency market is, this level of capability is vital in helping our users stay ahead of the curve. Switching between multiple portfolios is now a one-touch process with balances available for viewing in percentages.”

The app supports connections with Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Coinbase, GDAX, Kraken and KuCoin and more exchanges are being automatically added all the time. All users can access up to two different connections for free while PRO users get to link an unlimited number of exchanges. They can also choose BNB as a trade fee currency when adding transactions for Binance and this can be automatically imported into user transactions using BNB.

And that was just Delta 1.6. The latest update, Delta 1.7, released at the end of March adds even more.

The first addition is Dark Mode. Now you can take all that cool Delta functionality and enjoy it as completely restyled modules with a dark and mysterious edge. Since the launch of the app, Dark Mode was the most often requested feature and so it’s design was moved from the back burner to centre stage. This update is further enhanced by the addition of Coin Markets, a new tool that tabs together with Watchlist and allows users to see the total market cap, 24 volume and BTC dominance. The list can be sorted and ordered and users can go a level deeper into coin charts with one tap.

Anyone with a hint of crypto keen can try out the Delta app for free by downloading it from iOS and Android. For those who prefer working on the big screen, Delta has also developed a beta desktop app. Oh, and to just add to the good news, there are no ads…

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