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SatoshiTango is one of the most important trading platforms in Argentina were users can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there is a very interesting story behind the creation of this platform.

From Indonesia to Argentina

Matias Bari, founder of SatoshiTango did not know about virtual currencies before 2013. During a trip to Indonesia, Mr. Bari fall ill and couldn’t enjoy his holidays as he would have liked. But during the time he was in bed, he heard about Bitcoin, Silk Road, Deep Web, and other cryptocurrencies.

Bari explained the situation he lived in Indonesia:

“My head was blowing, but it was not related to the fever. I felt something in my belly. I couldn’t understand whether what I was hearing was real or if I was misunderstanding: someone invented the first scarce digital good using advanced cryptographic techniques mixed with deep knowledge about macroeconomics, sociology and game theory.”

Bari is a chemical engineer that studied at Buenos Aires University. He came back from his trip, left his e-commerce business and founded SatoshiTango with Nicolás Loterspil y Mariano Craiem.

Since then, the company grew exponentially, and now it has 15 employees operating in many different areas, it has new products and services, and accepts international transfers from the Eurozone.

In the short term they want to offer new services in Argentina and expand to Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

“It is possible to buy several cryptocurrencies aside from Bitcoin, engage in trading activities (basic, for our user base) and pay more than 2500 services in Argentina using Bitcoin,” explained Mr. Bari.

Now they have added a new service known as ‘satoshitango business,’ and has been developed for companies or bigger investors. The minimum purchase is $500.000 argentine pesos ($17,500 US dollars) and includes personalized attention, opening an account and technical help in case the user needs. The service can be used as a payment tool or as an investment option.

In order to use the platform, it is necessary to be registered at SatoshiTango. After it, the user must verify its identity filing a form and send two selfies. Once this step is completed, the user can send money using PagoFacil, Rapipago and other payment tools offered.


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