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The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity will always be a very interesting topic. In time, maybe the identity of bitcoin’s creator will be revealed, but until then, we’ll have to deal with Craig Wright and other wannabes. Interestingly enough, two Satoshi Nakamoto books are scheduled to sold on Amazon by the end of the month.

The Satoshi Nakamoto books are titled Wave and Ripple Design Book and The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book.

In the author profile, it’s made clear that the author is indeed the creator of bitcoin. Additionally, it’s mentioned that all profits from the sale of the Satoshi Nakamoto books, will be used to support STEM and environmental education programs.

Are the Satoshi Nakamoto books a code?

Amazon descriptions state that both books contain “inside jokes” about the crypto world and the identity of the creator of bitcoin. A quote from the Wave and Ripple Design Book, hints at the Japanese roots of Nakamoto as well as to XRP:

“A wonderful selection and wave and ripple designs curated by Satoshi Nakamoto. Yuzan’s designs were often used by Japanese craftsmen in the early 1900’s to adorn their wares with wave and ripple patterns.”

The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book has a more upfront sense of humor. There are editorial reviews from the creator of Etheorum Vitallike Buttering and the billionaire investor Buffet Warden.

This wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to make money off of Nakamoto’s identity. While the Satoshi Nakamoto books seem like more like a joke, recently some people have seriously tried to claim Nakamoto’s identity.

Earlier this year, a Chinese citizen in California claimed the copyright to bitcoin’s white paper.

Of course, the most recent and popular Nakamoto wannabe, is none other than Craig Wright. Wright was claiming to be the creator of bitcoin since late 2015 and of course, has provided no substantial proof to support his claims.

Wright has earned himself a lot of public backlash and after the recent Bitcoin theft accusations, has lost most of his credibility.

People have speculated that the Satoshi Nakamoto books contain some sort of code. This of course remains just speculation as the identity of Nakamoto remains a complete mystery for now.

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