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Samsung Galaxy S10

With 2019 already here, many people are already looking for information on the upcoming smartphones. One thing Crypto users can look forward to is the new Samsung Galaxy S10. A Samsung insider leaked images of the upcoming model and its native Bitcoin wallet feature.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is not available for purchase yet. Samsung however, reportedly already distributed the Samsung Galaxy S10 to accessory makers and merchants. The available information mentions an integrated feature named “Samsung Blockchain Keystore”.  This feature will supposedly allow users total control over their private keys and digital funds and currencies.

Users are still required to activate the feature. Once enabled, users can start sending and receiving their desired Cryptocurrency with the phone’s native wallet. The leaked screenshot shows the feature only supports Ethereum, but this is probably due to the fact that the phone is still a prototype version.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a native Crypto wallet 

One image also showed graphics related to Bitcoin, but it’s most likely at least 5 of the top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market cap will be included by the time the phone will be available for purchase.

A lot of people have started to debate that the smartphone in the screenshot is not is not a Samsung Galaxy S10.  Upon closer inspection however, many experts noticed that the punch-hole camera is placed near the top right cover. People thought the images featured the A8 model with the selfie cam on its left side. Additional markers for the Samsung Galaxy S10 model are the single-lens selfie camera. The Lite version also features flat edges rather than curved so this leaves the Galaxy S10 as the only possible model.

Back in July 2018, Samsung Insights reported that the mobile phone is the most secure device to run a Crypto wallet on. This is because of the presence of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Unlike laptops or desktop computers, smartphones possess a native environment which operates independently of the memory and storage. This way, data stored in a TEE can’t be changed by the operating system, thus entirely eliminating all possibility of a security breach affecting the data stored in the trusted environment.

That makes cryptowallets so much more suited to smartphones than laptops and desktop PCs. If Samsung releases the Galaxy S10 with at least 5 cryptocurrencies in the native wallet, they will give competitors a serious challenge. HTC is already working on Blockchain phones and has stated numerous times that supports all Crypto development. HTC will quickly retaliate with a similar phone, otherwise their share price is bound to take a hit.

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