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This is not the first time that Russia is working with Blockchain technology. This time, the Russian Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, has commented that if the government wants to use Blockchain technology, it will need a platform that does not involve mining activities. The information has been released by the local news source RNS on March the 1st.

Russia Blockchain Technology

Several times we have heard that Russia was working with blockchain technology. The Eurasian country has been promoting the use of this technology in many different ways. The country has opened two cryptocurrency agencies in Vladivostok and a Blockchain school in Moscow. 

The government has also pushed for the creating of its own national cryptocurrency. Besides that, it has also started to promote a new global cryptocurrency, but more specifically for the BRICS’ countries.

Now, Vice-Minister Alexei Kozyrevexplained that Russia would solve several long-term problems by implementing a blockchain system. With a blockchain-based system, the government may find a solution for storing documents and forms of identification. Furthermore, he added that the platform should be “unified and universal.”

Mr Alexei Kozyrev commented during Kritposredsa forum:

“The existing solutions in Blockchain from an organizational point of view are very, very unstable. According to data from Tokendata, more than 50% of Blockchain platforms created have already gone bankrupt or disappeared.”

This is what Russian government wants to change and what it is trying to implement. A Blockchain platform that is reliable and that will last in time and will have stability as one of the main pillars.

“If we are talking about how the government will adopt Blockchain, then obviously we cannot count on platforms which were created by commercial organization, because these platforms are very, very unreliable. In this way we understand, that we need to create our own platform for Blockchain technology.”

Russian Blockchain Initiatives

As we have mentioned before, Russia is working in many different fields using blockchain technology. For example, Moscow is using a Blockchain platform based on Ethereum that allows its citizens to vote for city projects. The name of the program is “Active Citizen.” This voting system increases transparency and increases people’s participation in civic life.

Another development of Blockchain technology in Russia is that Sberbank, an important state-run bank, has partnered with Russia’s Antimonopoly Service (FAS) so as to implement document transfers using Blockchain technology.

Furthermore, Russia is already thinking about launching its national cryptocurrency. President Putin has several times backed this idea and a specialized team (advised by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s creator), is already testing the technology.

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