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Blockchain technology can be used in many different fields and can be applied to several use cases. Russia is planning to secure its next presidential election using blockchain technology. The intention is to avoid other countries or individuals to modify the results of the elections. At the same time, citizens would also see the voting process simplified.

Blockchain Technology for Voting

Russia is a very conflictive country. Several presidential and local candidates mysteriously die before the electoral campaign and strange situations can be seen every single time there are elections.

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But this situation, or at least part of it, would change as soon as blockchain technology would be implemented in the next election. By using blockchain during an electoral process, the votes are secured in the network and cannot be modified or corrupted. That’s a very important step to improve transparency during a democratic vote.

VTSIOM, a Russian public opinion research centre, has used blockchain technology in the past in order to track exit polls. Of course, the technology has not been used during the official elections. According to VTSIOM, by using blockchain it prevented external changes to the data collected and made the results almost hack resistant.

Ella Pamfilova, Head of Russia’s Central Election Commission, commented on the matter:

“I will discuss this issue with the president. There is a public demand for it. We have refurbished everything we could before the latest election, but now, as the election is over, we have to act pre-emptively. I want to make a system that has no analogue, a system based on blockchain. This is my ambition.”

That’s a very important step. In the past, several rumours have been circulating regarding the possibility of external intromission in elections in Europe and the United States.

Blockchain Voting Systems

This is not the first time that Russia is thinking about using a blockchain-based voting system. In the past, Moscow city has decided to implement a voting system that is based on Ethereum’s network.

The program is known as Active Citizen and allows Moscow citizens to vote for different public policies to be implemented in the city.

The Moscow Government announced:

“Active Citizen is a platform allowing citizens to influence city management decisions and is urban transformation (1.9 mln users and around 2800 polls since the launch in 2014). During peak load users can cast around 1000 votes per minute in Active Citizen – Moscow Government will become the first city around the world to implement blockchain in e-voting on such a large scale. One of the key goals of the pilot is to challenge what are the limitations of the technology as a whole.”

Pamfilova explains that the system will be free from cyber hacking and would be user friendly. This is a key feature that would allow people to participate in the electoral system. Moreover, the system will prevent fraud due to the fact that each person would be able to vote only once.

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