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Daily Income:
from 2.64%

Min. deposit:
0.01 BTC

1 BTC Insurance since 19.03.2017. Insurance expired on: 08.04.2017

Payouts: DAILY
Withdrawal: INSTANT

Payment methods:
Added: 10.03.2017Monitored: 987 dLast Payment Receipt: 06.04.2017

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RisingBTC | Bitcoin HYIPs

Rising Group Limited, Company Number 10536095, [email protected]

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Update 10.04.2017 09:30 CET: Alright, we officially mark RisingBTC as scam! All users who have invested using us as a referral, are eligible for the insurance claim. The Exact claim amount will be calculated after 3 days (72 hours).

Update 17.04.2017 09:10 CET: We had a coding problem in the RisingBTC contact form. And thus, we didn’t receive ANY emails out of it. So please input the information again. Sorry for that inconvenience. You have time until the 21st of April.
You have time to submit the form to get your part of the claim until the counter is over

Update 16.04.2017 10:00 CET: Here are the claims we already paid back:

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